Definition of rescuer in English:



  • 1A person who saves someone from a dangerous or difficult situation.

    ‘all reached safety and thanked their rescuers’
    • ‘Rescuers found the craftsman in his boat at sea, unharmed.’
    • ‘Rescuers are attempting to pull the submarine off the ocean floor.’
    • ‘We saw the bravery of rescuers grow with the danger.’
    • ‘The former police constable, and the driving force behind Saturday's ceremony, was one of the first rescuers on the scene 30 years ago.’
    • ‘For the first time, she realized who her rescuer was.’
    • ‘They are among the eight rescuers who found the stranded climbers.’
    • ‘As they watched rescuers work frantically, another quake made the trees on the bank sway.’
    • ‘Teams of rescuers scoured bush-clad hills in rain and mist yesterday searching for the missing trio.’
    • ‘By the time the rescuer reached the upturned boat, my father had disappeared.’
    • ‘Rescuers are probing the snow for an unknown number of people swept up in the massive avalanche.’
    1. 1.1 A person who prevents something from failing.
      ‘his career as a rescuer of troubled companies’
      • ‘In some cases, a start-up's rescuer turns out to be the offshoot of a big company that is sweeping up many small players.’
      • ‘One of the results was a bad financial system, but it began with housing, so why have you and the other rescuers not done more about that?’
      • ‘The old Chevy nameplate could prove the unlikely rescuer of a troubled Korean brand.’
      • ‘He has to have that dinner—and press a deal on a rescuer who wants out of the rescue business.’
      • ‘There were simply too few private sector rescuers available for them.’
      • ‘If the rescuers are sensible, they will focus on long-term structural improvements to budget balance rather than on short-term cuts.’
      • ‘Not all of those guarantees are as golden as the bold rescuers might hope.’
      • ‘In the end, the company found its would-be rescuer in a Canadian electronics retailer.’
      • ‘The would-be rescuer who has become a target of wrath over Wall Street excesses and the ravages of the recession, knows all too well what is driving public anger.’
      • ‘The man's claim for assistance directly undermines the project of the potential rescuer.’