Definition of resale price maintenance in English:

resale price maintenance


mass nounBritish
  • An agreement between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or retailer not to sell a product below a specified price.

    • ‘But I have never seen any economic analysis that shows how manufacturer-imposed resale price maintenance, closed dealer territories, customer allocation clauses, or the like can have the net effect of restricting output.’
    • ‘These rules will, however, be breached where you directly or indirectly fix the price at which a customer who purchases products from you resells those products. This is known as resale price maintenance.’
    • ‘The moves followed the lifting of the 30-year-old exemption of medicines from a general ban on resale price maintenance.’
    • ‘The probe began 15 months ago after a government department passed information on alleged resale price maintenance by both papers.’
    • ‘For three decades over-the-counter medicines have been exempt from a general ban on resale price maintenance - it was allowed to remain on the products to protect small chemist's shops because of the threat from supermarkets.’