Definition of resale in English:



mass noun
  • The sale of a thing previously bought.

    ‘he is renovating them for resale’
    as modifier ‘resale value’
    • ‘Tax will be payable on the purchase transaction to varying degrees depending on whether it is a new or resale property.’
    • ‘However, there are also problems associated with timeshares, particularly with their resale.’
    • ‘Reconditioning involves cleaning, waxing and polishing used cars in order to place them on the lot for resale.’
    • ‘One of these is investment buying - the purchase of property for later resale by people who already own or who are buying a home.’
    • ‘The sale and resale of the same packages kept the indices almost unchanged in the first day of trading on Monday this week.’
    • ‘Its own balance sheet has a substantial number of companies which are described as being held for resale.’
    • ‘The resale value can be a critical factor in calculating total cost of ownership and return on investment.’
    • ‘If you plan on selling the vehicle sometime down the road, you'll shoulder the burden of resale depreciation.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the improved resale value alone can justify the entire project.’
    • ‘Instead, a really serious investor would have to look to Britain for resale opportunities.’
    • ‘Part of my job is to appraise used guns that people bring us for resale.’
    • ‘As customers buy more digital works, resale rights will become a bigger issue.’
    • ‘This percentage shows the anticipated resale value of the van as a proportion of its list price based on age and mileage.’
    • ‘The company makes its start-up disk and monthly service available for resale by dealers.’
    • ‘A resale ban makes it easier for producers to divide up the market and keep prices high.’
    • ‘Finally, when you no longer need your equipment, or wish to replace it, you can sell it for its resale value.’
    • ‘It is important to note that this primarily affects those who import films for resale or hire.’
    • ‘At the upper end of the market, good quality villas dotted around the island occasionally come up for resale.’
    • ‘This in turn does lead to the problems you mention regarding the future resale of the property and obtaining a mortgage.’
    • ‘There are no restrictions on resale, and owners can sell on their investment whenever they wish.’