Definition of res in English:



  • Resolution.

    ‘high-res images’
    • ‘The game uses higher res textures and more geometry than many other titles.’
    • ‘I had it working in Netscape as well as IE, but completely forgot about res.’
    • ‘You'll be running this res on anything above a 6600.’
    • ‘Also, it has a max res of 640x480, which I mentioned before, and has an aperture size of F / 2.8.’
    • ‘Ever since I rebuilt my computer, the first thing I look for when I start a game is the options menu so I can crank up the res.’
    • ‘Standard printing res is 600x600 dpi and this goes up to 1,200x600 with Windows.’
    • ‘I don't know if it's a reproducible effect (my screen res is 1024x768 and the scroll is set to 3 lines), but my mind was certainly well and truly blown.’
    • ‘If you'd like the higher res one, please email me and let me know.’
    • ‘If you start hearing chirps, then try processing the audio once at low or medium res before running it through again to fine-tune the program at the high-res setting.’
    • ‘They're still too far away for our highest res telescopes to get a detailed visual.’
    • ‘There won't be the same framerate problems, and the textures will be higher res apparently.’
    • ‘17 LCD monitors only have 1280x1024 max res screens.’
    • ‘As always I've kept it at a relatively low resolution - if you'd like it at higher res, just drop me an e-mail.’
    • ‘I end up taking all my holiday photos on the maximum res, so that I ensure I get a good quality print.’
    • ‘Print res is 1200 dpi and there's a 350MHz processor and 64MB Ram.’