Definition of required in English:



  • 1Officially compulsory, or otherwise considered essential; indispensable.

    ‘eight editions were published, each required reading for trainees’
    • ‘Instead, students are required to take "writing-intensive" courses offered by different departments.’
    • ‘The Western Province provides abundant raw materials required for crafts production, timber is one of them.’
    • ‘The required form can be downloaded from the above link.’
    • ‘Schools are increasingly expected to provide alternative programmes for young people not required to follow a more formal academic route.’
    • ‘For example, a valid passport is required for travel to Cuba.’
    • ‘This program status report is required in order to receive accreditation.’
    • ‘The project is short of the money required to meet its deadlines.’
    • ‘Remember that you are not required to go into the locker room at half time.’
    • ‘Yes, men are required to register for the draft; women are not even "permitted" to register.’
    • ‘Her own effort to complete the thick pile of paperwork required to submit a claim took six months.’
    • ‘The students were required to visit child care centers in order to gain firsthand experiences.’
    • ‘Judges may be required to determine which translation has precedence, or whatever.’
    • ‘Telecom providers are not required by law to consider health effects in their siting proposals.’
    • ‘The surgeon told him that general anesthesia would be required.’
    • ‘Once convicted, all of those people can be required to put their DNA on a database.’
    • ‘To look for the marks, an unprecedentedly broad range of technologies would be required.’
    • ‘Special software is required to convert these symbols into Chinese characters.’
    • ‘Semifinalists will be required to submit copies of their entire dissertation for the final selection process.’
    • ‘The used water is then left to evaporate in huge lined ponds required by law to ensure it doesn't leak back into the earth.’
    • ‘The contract also required that two towns be established with at least 300 persons in each town.’
    essential, vital, indispensable, necessary, needed, called for, requisite, prerequisite
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    1. 1.1 In keeping with one's wishes; desired.
      ‘the corset, the garment that ensured the required female shape’
      • ‘National and local developments such as those described here are making a difference, but ongoing and expanding effort is required if major improvements in health are to occur.’
      • ‘Clark outlines the time-sensitive and painstaking negotiations required to ensure an executable plan for the Nato peacekeeping force.’
      • ‘Because of the compressed schedule required to make The Return of the King, the audio department's production timetable was, Veca, admits, " brutal.’
      • ‘We can also advise on any of the following aspects if required: artwork, mounts, frames, packaging and how to keep costs down.’
      • ‘Hard drugs are a significant problem in our society; changes in law are required to help reduce these problems, not increased prohibitive measures.’
      • ‘Participants were not required to fast.’
      • ‘A sophisticated analytical approach distinguishing between pain and suffering and loss of amenity is not usually required.’
      • ‘The more emotionally loaded the subject, the more silence is required.’
      • ‘Now I realised that something much more drastic was required.’
      • ‘But to do so required a lot more scientific and engineering talent than the new nuclear powers have.’
      • ‘"It's becoming a basic tool required for the job," said West Vancouver assistant chief Scott Jones.’
      • ‘The set of teeth can be taken out if required, though there should be no need to, and they can be cleaned in the usual way.’
      • ‘Solemnity can be achieved is many ways; to argue that religious references are required for such things shows a profound lack of imagination, to put it kindly.’
      • ‘The baker can exercise his ten dollar claim any time he deems it to be required.’
      • ‘A large longitudinal study that adequately controls for the main confounders and other background socioeconomic variables is required to clarify the ongoing controversy.’
      • ‘People recognise that he has got the ability but they need to know that he has the depth and range required. "’
      • ‘I stared at it for two or three seconds longer than required, then walked out.’
      • ‘Thus Chuang Tzu is not, as some have argued, required to be tolerant of Nazism, say.’
      • ‘It emphasises the need to develop a holistic approach to heritage issues and sets out the relevant skills that are required.’
      • ‘However, the argument is that the investment required to support this plan will have to come through the sale of the company.’
      desired, preferred, chosen, selected
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