Definition of require in English:



[with object]
  • 1Need for a particular purpose.

    ‘three patients required operations’
    ‘please indicate how many tickets you require’
    • ‘Likewise, tractors certainly require fuel for their operation.’
    • ‘These structures are sanitary and odor free but require no water for operation.’
    • ‘Each year, Christie's offers its very top pieces in a night auction which, to ensure its exclusivity, requires a ticket for entrance.’
    • ‘In reality, IT is an integral part of business operations that requires planning, intelligent execution and maintenance.’
    • ‘The machine operation requires an air compressor with a minimum of 120 psi.’
    • ‘Excavation of a temporary surface may have been required for some purpose or combination of purposes.’
    • ‘Boiler-room operations once required a basement full of telephones and people.’
    • ‘Countess Kifune requires an operation but refuses the anesthetic, fearing it will cause her to reveal a secret.’
    • ‘I have known patients require stitches and even surgery for injuries inflicted.’
    • ‘Does the cooperative have danger points in its operations that require special monitoring and attention?’
    • ‘Maintaining clarity of thought and affirmation of purpose required constant effort.’
    • ‘This conclusion, the questioning of which is the purpose of this paper, requires some elaboration.’
    • ‘Performances colored in green are free of charge, and performances colored in dark green are free but require tickets.’
    • ‘Avoiding unnecessary surgery requires a proactive patient willing to challenge opinions and research options.’
    • ‘That is, purposeful inquiry requires some prior interest in the topic under scrutiny.’
    • ‘A periodic review of the cooperative along with established policies and rules requiring operation on a cooperative basis are essential.’
    • ‘Lawlor and his colleagues are regularly faced with patients who require operations to correct the operations they have already had.’
    • ‘It's a record that requires patient investigation so will be richly rewarding for some but hard work for others.’
    • ‘However, such a relationship requires patient treatment: the young can be bored, the oldsters embarrassed.’
    • ‘The show may sound like one for the tourists, but passports are not required to get a ticket at the Olympia box office.’
    essential, vital, indispensable, necessary, needed, called for, requisite, prerequisite
    desired, preferred, chosen, selected
    need, be in need of, stand in need of, have need of
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    1. 1.1 Make necessary.
      ‘it would have required much research to produce a comprehensive list’
      • ‘What happens is that the composition process is therefore a longer process that requires a greater involvement from the composer.’
      • ‘Teenagers are not overwhelmed by the recent increase in the number of soldiers who have been wounded or killed, since they believe that this war is necessary and requires their contribution.’
      • ‘Anticipating or even keeping up with such changes requires a significant research effort.’
      • ‘However, more research is required before conclusions can be drawn about possible differences in costs between England and the Continent.’
      • ‘The identification and delineation of an emerging research frontier requires both adequate exposure and strong advocacy.’
      • ‘Trading online profitably still requires research to arrive at stock picks, and the internet is an excellent resource to offer this.’
      • ‘Devising your plan requires detailed research, analysis, self-assessment and a realistic outlook.’
      • ‘He argues that openness in public life is necessary because meaningful participation in the democratic process requires informed participants.’
      • ‘There's an awful lot of research that's required still in order to optimise the process.’
      • ‘For instance, he asserts that private industry by itself will not make the necessary investment required to improve its security.’
      • ‘There is a field, namely, the handling of the apparatus of government, in which bureaucratic methods are required by necessity.’
      • ‘As I cautioned above, I only regard the above as tentative proposals, requiring much more research before they could be taken as proved.’
      • ‘Finding the right spot for your ad in this cyber-playground requires some research, though.’
      • ‘The strategy requires extensive research into a company's fundamentals.’
      • ‘The account book is a complex manuscript, requiring considerable deciphering, researching and annotating - and regrets that it had previously been inaccessible are now dispelled by this excellent publication.’
      • ‘Less than a year ago my research would have required a laborious and tedious consultation of the multiple microfilm editions of Knox's works owned by my library.’
      • ‘Selecting the right energy stock or mutual fund requires research, but many folks choose these investments like they choose a corner gas station.’
      • ‘Most importantly, it will require market research firms to develop a new vocabulary and new sensibility.’
      • ‘It requires research, contacts, and a whole lot of cash’
      • ‘At the same time, his research method requires a radically new view of identity and social forces.’
      necessitate, demand, call for, involve, entail, take
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    2. 1.2 Specify as compulsory.
      ‘the minimum car insurance required by law’
      • ‘However, most loans contain provisions requiring compliance with laws which will allow the lender to declare an event of default and demand repayment if it learns that the borrower is breaching environmental statutes.’
      • ‘Ohio's Secretary of State has sent each group at least three letters demanding annual reports required by law.’
      • ‘My insurance required a second opinion, so we drove to San Francisco, where they also did the surgery.’
      • ‘However, some compulsory purchases will be required for the interchange upgrades.’
      • ‘In Switzerland and the Netherlands, insurers are required by law to provide a 4% minimum annual return.’
      • ‘Last year, the state legislature passed a law requiring small businesses to file their taxes electronically if they owed $2,500 or more a month.’
      • ‘When the uninsured get sick, they go to emergency rooms, where hospitals are required by federal law to treat them, regardless of their ability to pay.’
      • ‘Through laws requiring development to meet housing needs or through other means, we will, when required, intervene to ensure a fair market.’
      • ‘There is an obvious incentive to report such crimes, because most insurance policies require such offences to be reported before compensation is paid.’
      • ‘In 1995, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law requiring states to maintain gun-free zones around schools, ruling that the statute had nothing to do with interstate commerce.’
      • ‘A separate insurance plan is required to provide hospital cover.’
      • ‘Through a new state law requiring financial disclosure from all prisoners, Illinois hopes to collect 50% to 75% more.’
      • ‘It created medical privacy laws that require health care providers to be careful how they release protected health care information.’
      • ‘It's also worth getting hold of a ‘green card’, which amounts to evidence that you have the minimum insurance required by the country your visiting.’
      • ‘In the United States, 44 of the 50 states require insurance contracts to be written in plain English.’
      • ‘Lucrative television rights were up for grabs and clubs had spent millions on ground improvements required by law after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.’
      • ‘New Jersey law requires that insurance companies take all comers, even those with the worst driving records.’
      • ‘The Brazilian government passed its series of laws requiring processors to begin to adopt HACCP for fishery products in 1993.’
      • ‘Make sure the individual is licensed to sell insurance, which is required in all states.’
      • ‘Retail giant Wal-Mart has been dragged into the vote on whether California law should require firms with more than 20 employers to provide health insurance to its staff.’
      specify, set down, set out, lay down, set forth, state clearly
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    3. 1.3with object and infinitive (of someone in authority) instruct or expect (someone) to do something.
      ‘you will be required to attend for cross-examination’
      • ‘Taiwan's president, at the insistence of China, has been barred from attending the APEC leaders' summit since 1993, requiring Taiwan's president to send a proxy to each subsequent meeting.’
      • ‘McGrath carefully charts her increasing sympathy for the people she is required to spy on, and her growing belief that it is the big corporations that demand penetration.’
      • ‘To bridge the gap, scholarly publishers often require authors to raise subsidies from the institutions where they work, and this opens the way for decisions based on patronage.’
      • ‘Her students are required to attend two group classes per semester and participate in a semester recital.’
      • ‘In any case, upon confirmation, you are required to ship this order on the next business day, even if you think the buyer is foolish.’
      • ‘The Competition Authority has welcomed the government's decision to require lawyers to submit tenders for work in future tribunals of inquiry.’
      • ‘White Lodge students were not required to attend the first audition, but went straight to the finals.’
      • ‘Find out if the company of your dreams requires dancers to attend its school for a year or two before being offered a position.’
      • ‘The instrument requires the user to ask a basic question: What is the function/purpose of this scene for the telling of the story?’
      • ‘All team members were required to attend and participate in data collection on day 21 and 49 of each study.’
      • ‘We were looking for a restaurant that's famous for enforcing turnover by requiring patrons to order two pieces every three minutes.’
      • ‘Hamutenya said Ramatex's demands for cotton will require Namibian farmers to increase the growing of cotton.’
      • ‘Junior officers in the British army require their commanding officer's permission to marry or they are obliged to resign their commission.’
      • ‘This is because, if the settlor can revoke the terms of the trust, a creditor can simply obtain a court order requiring him to do so.’
      • ‘From a safety perspective, the plant has monthly compliance safety training programs that all employees are required to attend.’
      • ‘If you are accepted as a member, you are required to attend an orientation.’
      • ‘Instructors may require all students to participate in the project as all or part of the course grade.’
      • ‘More often, though, insurers impede care by requiring doctors to get authorization for all tests and procedures or by threatening to drop doctors whose costs they deem excessive.’
      • ‘This has featured disputes over when he was required to attend, the amount of notice he requires and his attitude towards the way the inquiry conducts its business.’
      • ‘To become a club member a person is required to apply and pay for membership.’
      order, instruct, command, enjoin, oblige, bid, compel, constrain, charge, make, force
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    4. 1.4require something of Regard an action, ability, or quality as due from (someone) by virtue of their position.
      ‘the care and diligence required of him as a trustee’
      • ‘The ability to deliver appropriate drug dosages over a prolonged period requires the release rate of encapsulated compounds to be precisely controlled.’
      • ‘The development of epistemological genealogies requires the creation of new analytical architectures.’
      • ‘And when you have concerns about how we're doing, contact your local police and let them know so that they can check on us and make sure there are no problems requiring other kinds of assistance.’
      • ‘The state and federal government established guidelines requiring a minimum level of quality as indicated on the certified seed tag.’
      • ‘The lift offers a confined place, into which characters can enter and exit and the etiquette of a lift requires a particular kind of social interaction which can be exploited dramatically.’
      • ‘International law can help but deep down it requires new ways of thinking.’
      • ‘Arranging the seating alone requires the mathematical ability of Albert Einstein and the tact of a UN peace commissioner.’
      • ‘Well, the nature of the sport requires the various types of track athletes to train specifically for their activity in order to achieve maximum performance.’
      • ‘I believe that optimal management of serious mental illness requires the combined efforts of both psychiatrists and psychologists who have different skills and techniques.’
      • ‘Although a railway line from Bolton Abbey to the village would be a long-term plan requiring many millions of pounds of investment, hope is high on the agenda.’
      • ‘Files requiring the remarks of officials are forwarded to their respective e-mails.’
      • ‘Fulfilling these goals also requires a realistic assessment of resources, abilities and circumstances.’
      • ‘Graphic arts darkrooms, imposition of negatives, inadequate proofing systems, platemaking - all difficult procedures requiring high degrees of skill - are replaced by your desktop computer.’
      • ‘They found risks related to traffic safety would be significantly mitigated by way of a condition, including requiring the setting back of boundaries and provision of footpaths along the perimeter of the site.’
      • ‘An abrupt reversal caught the markets off-guard, requiring an immediate liquidation of leveraged long positions.’
      • ‘Each visitor requires a different level of artistic conversation, but the warmth and quality of the interaction remains the same.’
      • ‘But his bid to bring in a Private Members Bill requiring a minimum vote of 50% before any referendum could lead to changes has failed to get through the Commons.’
      • ‘And the struggle we are in today, against terrorist enemies intending violence on a massive scale, requires the same qualities of leadership that saw our nation to victory in the Cold War.’
      • ‘Edmond requires the qualities of a romantic hero, which means Errol Flynn, rather than Gary Cooper's boring brother.’
      • ‘Academic discourses, as Le Doeuff shows, also require representational abilities of their readers and writers.’
      demand, insist on, call for, ask for, request, order, command, decree
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Late Middle English: from Old French requere, from Latin requirere, from re- (expressing intensive force) + quaerere ‘seek’.