Definition of reputedly in English:



  • According to what people say or believe; supposedly.

    ‘he reputedly gained a £1.2-million settlement at the end of their marriage’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, credit card companies are picking up on this - probably gratefully actually, since 0% credit cards reputedly cost the industry more than £80 million a month.’
    • ‘The Henry Ford purchased and overhauled the city bus on which Rosa Parks, today a Detroit resident, reputedly staged her famous resistance in Montgomery, Ala.’
    • ‘The ‘original’ Fringe stunt reputedly took place in the 1960s when, apparently, a beautiful naked woman was pushed down Princes Street in a wheelbarrow.’
    • ‘The collective memory, besides noting that his art reputedly links 1930s Surrealism to 1950s Abstract Expressionism, is rather vague about his pictures: were they realistic?’
    • ‘They reputedly blew their advance on booze and drugs, although they now insist most of it went on studio costs as they had to scrap an entire album.’
    supposedly, by all accounts, according to popular belief, so the story goes, so i'm told, so people say, by repute, allegedly, putatively, apparently, seemingly, ostensibly
    reputatively, putatitiously
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