Definition of reputable in English:



  • Having a good reputation:

    ‘a reputable company’
    • ‘Base the decision on a nitrate analysis by a reputable laboratory, and after consulting with your physician to help evaluate the level of risk.’
    • ‘A merchant account: if you are taking credit card details over a website, you will need a merchant account with a reputable bank to process the payments.’
    • ‘Ensure that the source is legitimate and reputable.’
    • ‘For its part, Knoedler claimed to have purchased the painting, unaware of its past, from a reputable dealer in Paris that same year.’
    • ‘Instead, you should find a reputable credit counseling service to help you figure out how to manage your debt.’
    • ‘Several years ago I set up a credit card with, shall we say, not the world's most reputable credit card company.’
    • ‘We tried to wear an open and friendly face, so when a TV crew from a reputable BBC current-affairs programme came to call, I said we should be as helpful as we could be.’
    • ‘It's a very specialist area and you need reputable wine merchants whom you can trust.’
    • ‘He stresses patience and scholarly preparation in collecting, which includes visits to museums and reputable galleries.’
    • ‘Some reputable political observers have said that with the American economy improving, Dean would have a very hard time winning any of the southern states.’
    • ‘It may seem blindingly obvious, but when purchasing property in the Costa del Sol, only deal with established and reputable estate agents.’
    • ‘One can only wonder how radio stations with highly reputable music directors allow such ‘tasteless’ music to be played.’
    • ‘Ask for bank and trade references, follow them up and undertake a credit check with a reputable agency if required.’
    • ‘I judged an award that was funded by the wealthy heir of a media fortune and administered by a reputable arts organization.’
    • ‘Other reputable outfits are jumping on the gravy train.’
    • ‘There will always be excellent games coming out from reputable developers.’
    • ‘Plus, you may think your accountant or attorney is trustworthy, efficient and reputable, but you'll never know for sure.’
    • ‘If you're struggling with debt and unsure about your options, talk to a reputable credit counselor before filing for bankruptcy.’
    • ‘Apart from the well-known reputable ones, many of the organisations operating in this field are unknown entities.’
    • ‘As with any highly specialized collector's item, it's difficult to uncover reputable channels of distribution.’
    well thought of, highly regarded, well respected, respected, respectable, with a good reputation, of repute, of good repute, creditable, esteemed, prestigious, estimable
    established, well known
    reliable, dependable, trusted, trustworthy, tried and trusted, honest, honourable, principled, above board, legitimate, upright, virtuous, irreproachable, anti-corruption, worthy, good, excellent, conscientious
    of good report
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Early 17th century: from obsolete French, or from medieval Latin reputabilis, from Latin reputare reflect upon (see repute).