Definition of repurify in English:


verbrepurifies, repurifying, repurified

[with object]
  • Purify (something) again.

    • ‘Furthermore, the sample was repurified by being passed through the HPLC column.’
    • ‘Now, the holy men may have to go back and have another ceremony to repurify the site and undo the influences of the protester's ritual, Mr. Wesley said.’
    • ‘All screen positives were repurified prior to quantitative testing, and the identities of the doa1, fyv6, and mck1 mutants were all verified by allele-specific PCR.’
    • ‘For the short-term lines, a plaque on IJ434 was picked, repurified by plating on IJ434, and the phage in that plaque used as a stock for fitness assays and genotype determination.’
    • ‘Most cultures have deep at their core a flood myth in which the great bulk of humanity is destroyed and a few are left to repopulate and repurify the human race.’
    • ‘The platinated oligonucleotides were repurified by ion-exchange fast protein liquid chromatography.’