Definition of repugnantly in English:



  • See repugnant

    • ‘A community sullies itself by keeping alive certain people who have acted in such a repugnantly depraved and murderous fashion as to degrade the human species through their membership in it.’
    • ‘Like the 30-year-old original, it's truly horrific - a portrait that's relentlessly dark, repugnantly graphic, and hopelessly evil.’
    • ‘But he is wrong, repugnantly wrong, about how to strengthen that community, and wrong also to suggest that those who disagree with him about the means of doing so are betraying the country.’
    • ‘Lowell seemed alarmingly and repugnantly, overweeningly, to believe that he was a great poet; so he thought he could pretty well do what he liked.’
    • ‘If you find this sort of thing revolting and repugnantly narcissistic, you are small-minded and stupid.’