Definition of repugnancy in English:



mass noun
  • Inconsistency or incompatibility of ideas or statements.

    ‘words in a contract will be given their ordinary meaning unless that produces absurdity, inconsistency, or repugnancy’
    • ‘There is a total inconsistency and repugnancy between the Minister's manifest intention and the literal effect of the document, and, in my judgment, the former should prevail.’
    • ‘In relation to the section 76 and 77 jurisdiction there is repugnancy, if you like, or in constitutional terms, inconsistency with the law enacted under section 76 or 77 that confers the jurisdiction.’
    • ‘What it gives rise to is a limited operational repugnancy or inconsistency within the meaning of section 2 of the Colonial Laws Validity Act, that is, prorogation under section 3 ought be given its full common law meaning.’
    • ‘They should certainly do so, stressing not only the moral repugnancy of torture but also its ineffectiveness.’
    • ‘We submit that there is no absurdity, repugnancy or inconsistency with any other provision of the Act which requires its terms to be given any other reading.’
    • ‘In our submission, the first of those features gives rise to invalidity on the ground of inconsistency or repugnancy to provisions of the Native Title Act - I will come to that in a moment.’
    • ‘But where the document has been drafted as a coherent whole, repugnancy is extremely unlikely to occur.’
    • ‘The essential feature of this measure is that it abolished once and for all the vague doctrine of repugnancy to the principles of English law as a source of invalidity of any colonial Act…’
    • ‘The issue really, whether it is put in terms of repugnancy or inconsistency, is whether the State procedure rules, the amendment rules, would alter, impair or detract from the operation of section 34 of the Commonwealth Act.’
    incompatibility, conflict, difference, dissimilarity, lack of similarity, disagreement, lack of accord, opposition, clash, irreconcilability, lack of congruence, incongruity, lack of harmony, mismatch, discordance, disparity, discrepancy
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