Definition of repudiatory in English:



  • Relating to or constituting repudiation of a contract.

    ‘a repudiatory breach of the partnership agreement’
    • ‘So here, Mr. Brown argued, the obligation on the lessee to carry out and complete the Works remains in the absence of acceptance by the landlord of the lessee's conduct as repudiatory.’
    • ‘As to the Claimant's claim for repudiatory breach, the entitlement to damages in respect of the same depends on the facts of each particular case.’
    • ‘When the instalment on the first contract was not paid, this amounted to an actual breach of the first contract and their entire conduct amounted to anticipatory repudiatory breaches of the other contracts.’
    • ‘The defendants were guilty of repudiatory breach of the partnership deed by entering into the dissolution agreement and Mr. Smith duly accepted such repudiation.’
    • ‘Failure to use the loan for the specified purpose will constitute a repudiatory breach of the loan agreement.’