Definition of Republic Day in English:

Republic Day


  • The day on which the foundation of a republic is commemorated, in particular (in India) 26 January.

    • ‘Barring a minor error where he confuses Republic Day with Independence Day, Mills' book is vastly useful in learning tiger facts.’
    • ‘People are complaining that it was slow, and he said part of the problem was that the earthquake struck on Republic Day, a national holiday in India.’
    • ‘The sheer popularity of Republic Day has escalated over the years, with a new theme embraced each time.’
    • ‘On Republic Day, the president reports to the nation, and there is marching in the streets.’
    • ‘He was one of a trio who started the Republic Day back in 1989.’
    • ‘However, ‘Mashramani’ is celebrated to mark the country's Republic Day on 23 February, and the anniversary of the Berbice Slave Rebellion of 1763 is also noted.’
    • ‘Both Victory Day and Republic Day are celebrated with patriotic parades, music, and speeches.’
    • ‘Proclamation of the Republic Day on October 23 commemorates the 1956 uprising against the Communist regime.’
    • ‘Locals find air and space in the broad expanses and enjoy the spectacular parades and flypasts of Republic Day and other national celebrations.’
    • ‘Other national holidays include Oil Nationalization Day, Islamic Republic Day, and Revolution Day.’
    • ‘In addition to universal celebrations like International New Year's Day, Asian Indians celebrate India's day of independence from the British on August 15 and Republic Day on January 26.’
    • ‘Often when Republic Day or Independence Day approaches one's mind goes back to those who closely associated themselves with the nation and its cause.’
    • ‘It is now nearly two weeks since the Republic Day earthquake.’
    • ‘Ghanaians celebrate Independence Day on March 6 and Republic Day on July 1.’
    • ‘The books were released in Colombo on Republic Day this year.’
    • ‘This is probably due to the fact that the defacers try to coincide the defacements with Indian Republic Day and Independence Day.’
    • ‘They live in their own ghetto outside Tel Aviv, speak Turkish, celebrate Turkey's Republic Day, and often travel back.’
    • ‘The three major national holidays are Independence Day, 6 July; Republic Day, 6 July; and Constitution Day, 18 May.’
    • ‘These include Republic Day, May 31, honoring the date in 1961 that South Africa became a republic; Kruger Day, October 10, honoring the birth of Stephanus Johannus Paulus Kruger, an early Afrikaner political leader.’
    • ‘The King's Way on which once the Viceroys used to come out in his ceremonial carriage driven by twelve beautiful horses, now hosts the Republic Day parade.’