Definition of reproval in English:



mass noun
  • The expression of blame or disapproval.

    ‘her behaviour was immature, which attracted her father's reproval’
    ‘he glanced at them in silent reproval’
    • ‘If the committee determines a lawmaker has committed wrongdoing, it may send the lawmaker a letter of reproval, akin to a rebuke.’
    • ‘The committee issued separate letters of reproval to two of her employees.’
    • ‘The case against Mr. Collins did include a formal punishment, in the form of a "letter of reproval" and the fine, asserting that he had brought "discredit upon the House."’
    • ‘This met with bitter reproval from Queen Eleanor, who perhaps already hoped that Gascony might pass to her son, the future Edward I.’
    • ‘Noah, however, "lifts his hand in a gesture of reproval" to Shem and says, "We shall wait."’
    • ‘He deserves a more vigorous reproval, if only for signing, along with fifteen others, the infamous letter.’
    • ‘There is no question that fear of reproval will drive you to not admit when you use these therapies.’
    • ‘"Lie flat," said Viv as she eased herself next to him, not a trace of reproval or hurt in her voice.’