Definition of representationally in English:



  • See representational

    • ‘To anti-representationalists, the mere logical possibility of inverted qualia shows that conscious states can differ in a significant mental respect while coinciding representationally.’
    • ‘By building swirling drones upon a staple of the classical repertoire, Eno representationally strips music of its functionality - the classic tension and resolution of one chord moving toward the next.’
    • ‘The humour may be quintessentially eighteenth-century, but, representationally, these sheets not only look back to Mantegna but forward to Degas.’
    • ‘However, it would be wrong to assimilate ‘exercise’ entirely into a concept of discipline and to see it as always working representationally to secure early modern hierarchy.’
    • ‘Fasb contends that the change is critical to restore investor and public confidence in corporate reporting by showing information that is ‘unbiased, verifiable, and more representationally faithful.’’