Definition of repolish in English:



  • Polish (something) again.

    • ‘The small grains were repolished and reanalysed to obtain 28 analyses in four sessions.’
    • ‘This means having it stripped back, sanded and repolished.’
    • ‘I can sharpen the edge back to what it was before, and repolish the blade itself, but all my work will be for naught if you don't clean it every now and then.’
    • ‘I'll get all the engine cowls off, get all the dust out of it, and a lot of areas have to be repolished.’
    • ‘The wafer is repolished flat on one side, while the other is curved to conform to the curved inside of the retina.’
    • ‘Because concrete can be repolished, it can stick around for years.’
    • ‘They removed all the stone lining from the walls of both rooms, reground and repolished all of the plates, and then placed them back where they had originally been.’
    • ‘If you buff them regularly after you've had it repolished, you can probably keep the scratch level below the ‘annoying point’.’
    • ‘Lithofin sells a care and maintenance pack for stone, and an abrasive polishing powder to repolish marble.’
    • ‘A marble fabricator can repolish the stone to restore the gloss.’
    • ‘The plant will strip and repolish test wafers, and will be the first plant to reclaim 300 mm wafers on an industrial scale.’
    • ‘An ancient jewel on a dusty Yemeni hillside has been lovingly repolished and returned to its place in the centre of the community clearly ‘contributing to established ways of doing things’.’
    • ‘Some parts ore marked after polishing and the act of repolishing diminishes them.’
    • ‘Benneman repolished the marble top, relined the inside of the drop-front with green Morocco leather, restored the locks and provided a new key.’
    • ‘Every two or three years, again depending upon usage have the stones repolished.’
    • ‘Adi said the furniture was repolished just a week before the flood and had cost him Rp 800,000.’
    • ‘Commercial Colts were made from 1913 until the introduction of the Series 70 and were, essentially, rejected Government Models thrown aside to be repolished and refitted for sale to the commercial trade.’
    • ‘Then the finish was stripped and the bare metal repolished.’