Definition of replicant in English:



  • (in science fiction) a genetically engineered or artificial being created as an exact replica of a particular human being.

    • ‘In the film, the replicants show strong feelings and attachments.’
    • ‘His obstacle is primarily his own conscience, as he comes to identify more closely with the replicants than with the police force, and the stakes are raised when Deckard falls in love with Rachel, one of his marks.’
    • ‘While Roy Batty gets most of the good moments in Blade Runner, somehow I find the scene with the other male replicant going through his photos very effective.’
    • ‘‘There are no answers,’ the cloned replicant of a suicide says.’
    • ‘In the film, retired cop Harrison Ford hunts down renegade human replicants amid a dark futuristic vision of Los Angeles.’
    • ‘In the movie Blade Runner the lead character falls in love with a beautiful female replicant, a human-like machine with an unknown but pre-set expiry date.’
    • ‘Gary Sinise plays a government scientist who may or may not be a replicant planted by a hostile alien race.’
    • ‘We believe that Deckard was not a replicant, although we never actually finished watching ‘Blade Runner.’’
    • ‘In the film, Harrison Ford plays a retired Blade Runner - a cop who hunts artificial humans, or replicants - who is brought back to kill four renegade replicants amid a dark futuristic vision of Los Angeles.’
    • ‘As the wicked replicant, Helm's performance becomes a mesmeric facial anthology of wickedness: sneering, leering and winking.’
    • ‘The director's cut is far heavier on the hints that Deckard is a replicant than is the original cut.’
    • ‘The story revolves around Harrison Ford's policeman, Rick Deckard, and his hunt for four cloned humanoids, known as replicants, in a dystopian version of Los Angeles.’
    • ‘So much of this is lost on the viewer looking only for replicants and unicorns.’
    • ‘When the replicants rebel, their leader, Roy Batty, demands of Tyrell, ‘I want more life, Father’.’
    • ‘PET Scans might be used to detect the equivalent of Blade Runner replicants.’
    • ‘As an aside, Ridley Scott last year came out and said that Deckard was actually a replicant, apparently putting to rest years of speculation.’
    • ‘The FBI or CIA or NAACP or whomever clone the killer so they can use the replicant to hunt down his evil twin.’
    • ‘For every successful human replicant there is likely to be a clutch of monstrous failures.’
    • ‘Their intention: kill him and replace him with a replicant who looks and acts perfectly human but has a bomb embedded in its chest that can cause mass destruction.’
    • ‘If you've seen BladeRunner, you know the short soliloquy at the end by one of the android replicants, Roy, as he's about to expire from a genetically programmed early death.’


From replica + -ant: first used in the film Blade Runner (1982).