Definition of replenishment in English:



mass noun
  • Restoration of a stock or supply to a former level or condition.

    ‘a target for replenishment of depleted fish stocks’
    • ‘Protein (and even some fat) doesn't interfere with glycogen replenishment, which is good news.’
    • ‘Good design must contribute to energy efficiency and replenishment of resources.’
    • ‘It's a time of true solace and emotional replenishment.’
    • ‘Afterwards, all of us retired to the pub for some liquid replenishment.’
    • ‘That optimism is beginning to fuel a key post-recession driver of growth: inventory replenishment.’
    • ‘An almost-empty parts bin triggers a just-in-time replenishment order.’
    • ‘Delaying sampling until spring provides for soil moisture replenishment from fall, winter, and early spring precipitation.’
    • ‘It is powered by ten fusion power cells and is capable of running over three days without replenishment.’
    • ‘Their environmental documents fail to properly analyze impacts on sediment flow, natural beach replenishment, and sand bars.’
    • ‘The organization wants access to a permanent stream of money without having to seek constant replenishment from council.’