Definition of replayable in English:



  • (especially of a video game) suitable for or worth playing more than once.

    ‘a surprisingly addictive, replayable game’
    ‘the song is still one of the most compulsively replayable singles in recent memory’
    • ‘The maps were constructed to be highly replayable, based on credible spaces with multiple routes.’
    • ‘Yes, there will be loads of replayable missions that are unlocked.’
    • ‘There's an excellent trove of replayable broadcasts of his superb series on BBC 4.’
    • ‘These games are great fun, and due to their complexity, they are very much replayable.’
    • ‘Even with the creative spin and replayable options, there are still a few problems with the game.’
    entertaining, amusing, delightful, nice, to one's liking, pleasant, congenial, lovely, fine, good, great, agreeable, pleasurable, delicious, delectable, diverting, satisfying, gratifying
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