Definition of replate in English:



  • 1An object or surface that is to be or has been replated. Also: a second or subsequent instance of plating, specifically from the same electrolytic solution.

  • 2Microbiology and Medicine. A second or subsequent plating of a microbiological culture.

  • 3Printing. An act of replating a newspaper or other publication; a printed page or text resulting from this.


  • 1with object To renew the metal plating on (an object).

  • 2with object And without object Printing. To make a new plate of (a page of type); to alter one or more of the plates of (a newspaper, book, etc.) to correct an error or add information before printing.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in James Napier (1810–1884), industrial chemist. From replate<br>late 18th century; earliest use found in William Felton (fl. c1794). From re- + plate.