Definition of repique in English:


nounPlural repiques

  • (in piquet) the scoring of 30 points on declarations alone before beginning to play.

    Compare with pique
    • ‘Similarly, if elder hand scores 30 for sequences and sets, but younger hand has the better point, elder hand does not score a repique.’

verbrepiqued, repiques, repiquing

[with object]
  • Score a repique against (one's opponent).

    • ‘If a player scores in hand alone thirty or more before his adversary reckons anything, he gains a repique, for which he adds sixty to his score.’
    • ‘But the one reckoned by the elder hand when he leads his first card does not prevent his being repiqued, because scores made in hand have precedence of points made in play.’


Mid 17th century: from French repic; compare with Italian ripicco.