Definition of repetitiveness in English:



  • See repetitive

    • ‘Eventually, the film implodes under the burden of its repetitiveness, so that by the time we reach the end we feel like we've seen half the planet's population in the altogether.’
    • ‘There is no formal convention in any genre of literature that would make it either possible or desirable to portray it in all its constancy and repetitiveness.’
    • ‘These potted summaries lead to a certain repetitiveness to the book that could probably have been condensed in the introduction and omitted from individual chapters.’
    • ‘Cohen recently emerged from a five-year apprenticeship at Mt. Baldy Zen Center in Southern California, where the repetitiveness of daily menial tasks taught him humility and focused his mind.’
    • ‘On one level, these floral landscapes work as successful proponents of the decorative style with their flatness, lyrical repetitiveness and use of ornamental devices.’