Definition of repetitive in English:



  • Containing or characterized by repetition, especially when unnecessary or tiresome:

    ‘a repetitive task’
    • ‘They have also removed some repetitive passages as well as certain entire sections in Books II and III.’
    • ‘No two spaces have the same dimensions and nothing is repetitive, except perhaps the door openings.’
    • ‘His coworkers seem to find his endless prattling about his dwindling sales repetitive and boring.’
    • ‘It's impressive, but ultimately like the previous album, one dimensional, repetitive and monotonous.’
    • ‘After the first half, it seems to run out of material and becomes repetitive.’
    • ‘The gameplay can also be, I'm afraid to say, boring and repetitive.’
    • ‘They were dreary, low-paid and repetitive and gave rise to strikes for a good reason.’
    • ‘The attritional, repetitive routine of the strike is draining just to read about.’
    • ‘The woman is condemned to a repetitive round of complaints; the husband has chosen to insulate himself in silence.’
    • ‘For him, rhythms are incisive and repetitive - out of Stravinsky, but also connected to pop and jazz.’
    • ‘It is the repetitive, untreated Chlamydial infections that can cause women to be sterile.’
    • ‘Its bureaucratic structures are fine for dealing with repetitive tasks but it cannot face new challenges.’
    • ‘The same amateur eye finds the general configuration of passenger aircraft highly repetitive.’
    • ‘It's just repetitive or uninteresting in terms of what already appears in the film.’
    • ‘Jotted down, her words are broken, repetitive, a string of conventional pieties.’
    • ‘Employees worked long hours, performing repetitive and physically demanding tasks.’
    • ‘This is a bit repetitive considering this scene is repeated later in another bonus feature.’
    • ‘In the circumstances, the repetitive reading of the Koran day after day was a curious experience.’
    • ‘To say that the medium is inherently boring, repetitive, or juvenile is some straight up ignorance.’
    • ‘They go to work early in the morning, sit at work benches or in front of machines and perform the same repetitive tasks all day.’
    monotonous, tedious, boring, uninteresting, humdrum, mundane, tiresome, wearisome, dreary, soul-destroying, mind-numbing
    unvaried, unchanging, unvarying, undiversified, lacking variety, recurrent, recurring, repeated, repetitious, routine, mechanical, automatic, clockwork
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