Definition of repeller in English:



  • See repel

    • ‘Paintings of the white tiger, considered a symbol of auspiciousness and repeller of evil, were once seen in every home and they were looked upon as benevolent messengers of the mountain spirit.’
    • ‘Saint Martin's fitness for the role of defender of the soul and repeller of demons is thus undeniable.’
    • ‘It incorporates a flight path of about 40 cm from repeller to a discrete dynode-type detector that is both sensitive and durable.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, perhaps my tech-savvy readers can weigh in on a question that is currently fascinating the technophobe journalists in my office: do those electronic plug-in pest repellers actually work?’
    • ‘This neglects the possibility of domain formation, of specific molecular interactions via stickers and repellers, and of membrane undulations.’