Definition of repeater in English:



  • 1A person or thing that repeats something.

    • ‘It is no wonder that most guests are repeaters, some even staying for three months or more at each visit.’
    • ‘In his district, he said, 12,000 incoming third graders next year will be joined by 13,000 repeaters.’
    • ‘This was a surprising result as we expected that women multiple repeaters would be relatively unresponsive to such a simple intervention.’
    • ‘The spokesperson for the education department said the decision to turn repeaters away was based on the capacity of the school to take in more pupils.’
    • ‘I am a great repeater.’
    • ‘Regular repeaters were hard-pressed to name their favorite.’
    • ‘For the first time ever, we had control over who used the repeater.’
    • ‘In August the repeater went back into operation and apart from a few hiccups, the modifications were welcomed by the monitors.’
    • ‘Exclusively high risk approaches to intervention are unlikely to succeed because of the large numbers of repeaters in the low and moderate risk groups.’
    • ‘It is important to note that repeaters cannot eliminate all jitter from the incoming signal.’
    • ‘Without an external antenna or repeater, though, your cell phone won't work.’
    • ‘Previous studies of intervention to reduce repetition of deliberate self harm in unselected patient groups have been unsuccessful in reducing the proportion of repeaters.’
    • ‘All 1394 devices act as peer-to-peer repeaters, thus removing the need for special devices such as hubs.’
    • ‘Finally, because repeaters can use different types of technology we only recommend using repeaters from the same vendor that makes your access point.’
    • ‘It was the first French autoloader to consistently perform as reliably as existing bolt action repeaters.’
    • ‘A second challenge is to do a better job of customer retention, keeping repeaters in the fold.’
    • ‘This is quite possible if you are receiving your analogue signals from a local repeater than doesn't transmit digital.’
    • ‘Local artists and teachers introduce fresh artistic perspective and a personalized portfolio of mature projects to retain and challenge children's interests - particularly the repeaters at camp.’
    • ‘They've become repeaters, not reporters.’
    • ‘Still, it was enough to triangulate the sound-wave repeater.’
    1. 1.1 A firearm which fires several shots without reloading.
      ‘a fast-fire repeater’
    2. 1.2 A watch or clock which repeats its last strike when required.
      • ‘Moreover, your wristwatch-cum-caller ID will communicate with the repeater, saving you from fumbling around in your pocket whenever your phone rings.’
    3. 1.3 A device for the automatic retransmission or amplification of an electrically transmitted message.
      • ‘Repeaters should be used everywhere else, since any jitter transferring through the repeater is low frequency and benign to downstream devices.’
      • ‘The maximum cable length between the control computer and the first repeater or between repeaters is 1,200 meters.’
      • ‘Unlike ordinary 3-watt cellular phones that service population centres and traffic corridors, the Autotel service pumps a 25-watt signal to proprietary, high-elevation repeaters.’
      • ‘In the end, wireless signal repeaters can be a good solution for situations where you need to extend the range of your wireless LAN.’
      • ‘Chapter 5 briefly discusses devices evolved from original repeaters, bridges and routers like hubs, faster and virtual LAN techniques.’
      • ‘For example, many systems are outfitted with repeaters, which receive and relay signals.’
      • ‘Recently announced products can increase this distance to 2,000 km, thereby eliminating the cost and latency associated with repeaters and amplifiers.’
      • ‘The power line is used as a network backbone - it can carry data traffic for something under a mile (or further if a repeater is installed in the line) before it has to be converted to some other medium like optical fiber or coaxial cable.’
      • ‘I built two repeaters thinking that, if I could even find a place to put them on top of Bennett Mountain, two repeaters might be better than one.’
      • ‘By putting repeaters all over the place, it's possible to paste together a wireless network that truly works.’
    4. 1.4 A railway signal indicating the state of another that is out of sight.
      • ‘New models are most easily spotted by the indicator repeaters in the outside mirrors, as well as other detail external bodywork changes.’