Definition of repeat fee in English:

repeat fee


  • A fee paid to a radio or television artist each time their performance is rebroadcast.

    ‘repeat fees are now based on the audience for each commercial, rather than on the number of times it is shown’
    • ‘An actor, it seems, had already recorded a perfectly acceptable version, but the contract hit an insurmountable problem: the actor demanded repeat fees.’
    • ‘The most recent estimates put his personal fortune at $500 million, and he is guaranteed to earn $1 billion just from repeat fees over the next 20 years.’
    • ‘Shown in 50 countries, it has already made Warner Brothers $1 billion in repeat fees, with more on the way.’
    • ‘Brass band player Dave, from Wilmslow, said: ‘I suppose if a repeat fee had been part of the deal all those years ago I'd be a rich man.’’
    • ‘Outstanding issues include improved residuals for film and television productions and repeat fees for TV productions.’
    • ‘This was a canny ploy amongst the music publishers to avoid paying musicians additional costs, or losing out on the tidy sums brought in by usage of the music by film and television companies and the additional payments for repeat fees.’
    • ‘Effectively the role has provided him with a very useful pension with constant demands for public appearances and international repeat fees.’
    • ‘If that little bastard got repeat fees he wouldn't need to steal or work for the rest of his life.’