Definition of repairable in English:



  • 1(of something damaged or faulty) able to be restored to a good condition.

    ‘a damaged car chassis is usually not repairable’
    • ‘If the wiring leading from the thermostat to the furnace fan is not repairable, replace it.’
    • ‘All the paintings were said to be repairable.’
    • ‘I'm not convinced that these doors are repairable, especially considering that they are made of wood.’
    • ‘A neighboring church has also apparently collapsed, and repairable damage to surrounding buildings is extensive, including damage to One Liberty Plaza across Church Street to the east.’
    • ‘Gas valves are not repairable.’
    • ‘Other concrete structures on the university campus, such as a footbridge between Alcuin College and the library, need to be replaced, but many, like bridges leading to the Central Hall, are repairable.’
    • ‘We live in an age when just about all our electronic devices are designed to be disposable rather than repairable.’
    • ‘They first thought that the bike was repairable, or so it looked, but the garage said apparently the computerized measurements revealed the forks were bent and they had to replace both of them.’
    • ‘Laptops exposed to small amounts of spilled liquid are repairable in some cases.’
    • ‘No one was injured and it is thought the aircraft is repairable.’
    • ‘The concrete was damaged to depths of 3 feet or so; nevertheless it retained its functional use and was repairable.’
    • ‘An HPI check revealed that the car had been designated a category C write-off in July, meaning "extensively damaged but repairable".’
    • ‘Fingers crossed my computer is repairable ... and that I can afford the repair bill!’
    • ‘They discovered that about 1,000 repairable bikes are being sent to the scrap heap each year.’
    • ‘We are assessing the damage now, we don't know if it's going to be repairable in a day or if it will take longer.’
    • ‘There were signs that his vision might be repairable.’
    • ‘While most of the youths treat the watches as "use and throw" stuff, the watch sellers themselves say most of these gadgets are repairable.’
    • ‘"There were a few structural cracks, all of which were repairable," he said.’
    • ‘Some equipment was repairable, but about 3,500 hours of work was lost.’
    • ‘Having considered the life cycle and likelihood of failure of the television, we will now consider the disposal of the television once it has failed in a fashion that is not economically repairable.’
    1. 1.1 (of an unwelcome situation) able to be put right.
      ‘the bad characters in the novels are mostly forgivable and the harm they do usually repairable’
      • ‘The international damage, not to mention the national, will take decades to repair, if indeed it is repairable.’
      • ‘Gary asked him if the relationship was repairable.’
      • ‘What happens if one of the partners stray - is a marriage repairable?’
      • ‘These are not the relatively isolated and repairable environmental problems of the past.’
      • ‘There were times he'd look at her with genuine tenderness and regret, a look that made her heart leap with hope that things might be repairable after all.’
      • ‘Is your friendship repairable?’