Definition of repack in English:



[with object]
  • Pack (a suitcase or bag) again.

    • ‘So i walked over the hill, repacked my bag and grabbed something to eat at the food hall.’
    • ‘She repacked her bag so that her jacket was on top of the book; then she swung the backpack onto her shoulders as she went forth to join the Shrewsburys.’
    • ‘Kathleen was repacking her trunk for the second time when Harry called.’
    • ‘He packed, broke down and repacked his medical pack to get the right mix of medical supplies and equipment.’
    • ‘Bent double under their loads, the savants spend hours unpacking and repacking their sacks whenever they meet each other.’
    • ‘She gave up her search for a switch and began repacking their bags, unable to discriminate clothing in the dim light.’
    • ‘Lizzy carefully repacked the gown in its bag.’
    • ‘Early the next morning, I repack my bag, folding tiny blades of grass into my clothes and equipment.’
    • ‘The security guards were satisfied and told me to repack everything.’
    • ‘They dressed hastily, got their weapons and hastily repacked their bags.’
    • ‘She sorted through her books and repacked her backpack, poured a travel mug full of Irish Breakfast tea, and left for her day.’
    • ‘Christina repacked their bags for tomorrow.’
    • ‘I transfer my valuables to the hostel safe, repack my handbag with the day's essentials, then I'm off for a day around Paris on my own.’
    • ‘She ran upstairs, repacked her suitcase.’
    • ‘Henny carefully repacked her case, dressed and straightened her clothing as best she could.’
    • ‘Claire opened the purse and pulled out her house keys and wallet before repacking the bag and setting it back down next to her.’
    • ‘In the end I was able to make it home soon after midday, then I had to repack my things again for the weekend.’
    • ‘Try new techniques, work with new people, and "repack your bags," advises Leider.’
    • ‘It's okay to save money with bulk buying and large packages, if you repack the food in smaller bags.’
    • ‘Jacob and I repacked our saddlebags, making room for the kids' extra clothes.’
    • ‘He had brought all of Claire's things, having had to repack some of them.’
    • ‘Alone once more in his room, Corky was frantically repacking his steamer trunk with renewed determination to quit the household in which he had unwittingly become entangled.’
    • ‘Still dark outside Dawn had repacked her bags.’
    • ‘Sheryl moved through the house, packing and repacking the bag she was getting ready for her daughter and granddaughter.’
    • ‘During a routine business trip, security personnel insisted on completely unpacking and repacking all of his carry-on bags.’
    • ‘Which is how I convinced my parents, who just returned from NY yesterday, to repack their luggage and escort me on my trip.’
    • ‘She left her little black bag for last, emptying it of its contents and sitting down to clean and inspect each weapon, repacking the bag with care.’
    • ‘She then helped me repack in two bags.’
    • ‘Random thoughts, as I repack my bags.’
    • ‘She finished the last binding, tying it neatly, and then repacked her kit.’
    • ‘On their first day in the capital she immediately repacked their bags the minute she heard a volley of gunshots.’
    • ‘Elizabeth entered to find Jane organizing her things and beginning to repack one of her bags.’
    • ‘Liz closed the book, repacked the box, and slid it back under her bed.’
    • ‘They repacked the basket and settled down with cereal and juice.’
    • ‘In record time we had changed and were repacking our bags having to leave behind all except the bare essentials.’
    • ‘Finally, he sealed the jar, repacked it, and sent the suitcase on its way.’
    • ‘Tears streamed down her face as she repacked her saddlebags.’
    • ‘I repacked some boxes and then turned to one which had Tamara's clothes in it.’
    • ‘Then she repacked her carpetbag and took it out of the crate.’