Definition of reovirus in English:



  • Any of a group of RNA viruses that are sometimes associated with respiratory and enteric infection.

    • ‘The human reovirus infects and kills cancer cells with an activated Ras pathway.’
    • ‘As such, recent research has focused on reovirus type 3 and cytomegalovirus as possible viral agents.’
    • ‘The MSU M Cell vaccine technology that has been licensed by LigoCyte is based on the targeting of mucosal M-cells using a protein isolated from reovirus.’
    • ‘In mice infected with reovirus, in vivo exposure to UVR depleted the spleens of Ia-bearing adherent cells that are required for the in vitro generation of secondary antireovirus cytolytic T lymphocytes.’


1950s: from the initial letters of respiratory, enteric, and orphan (referring to a virus not identified with a particular disease) + virus.