Definition of reorg in English:



  • A reorganization:

    ‘the reorg is still on’
    • ‘Galvin acknowledges that the reorg was a mistake, and he restructured the company again this year to remove one layer of management and have the heads of Motorola's six main businesses report directly to him.’
    • ‘The evenings are also light, and the garage needs a complete reorg.’
    • ‘And now comes this reorg, in which Apple's head of hardware engineering becomes the head of engineering for the new iPod division.’
    • ‘One of the things I'm working on for the reorg of this site is some form of categorisation of the posts so that there is scope for archiving by category or subject rather than by date.’
    • ‘In the reorg, Smith was assigned the role of heading up a new Cray Research unit.’
    • ‘The only penalty for failure - and failure was concealed in a variety of ways including a project being subsumed into something else, or reorgs - was that you'd remain where you were, just bitter.’
    • ‘The new-products push also will strain other aspects of P&G's operations, particularly at a time it revamps manufacturing as part of the reorg.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the long-rumored reorg at the NFL that will meld the league and its properties unit is due shortly.’
    • ‘One project Middlebrook cites as directly benefiting from the reorg is the Presidents Day event about which Meyers is so effusive.’
    • ‘I've found that in many cases, the easiest time to have this sort of conversation is when you go through a reorg, take over a new team, or have someone new join your team.’
    • ‘This has become the norm since we hired a manager who has to have her fingers in everything we do and since our last reorg added another layer of management.’
    • ‘Despite the reorg, there are still instances where salespeople from different business practices call on the same client.’
    • ‘We also found out there is yet another internal reorg and V.P.s and Presidents all have to reapply for their jobs.’
    • ‘Prior to the reorg, the brand teams counted on many different routes into the regions to translate the brand message, which made it difficult to get a cohesive plan in place, Vinson said.’