Definition of rennin in English:



mass noun
  • An enzyme secreted into the stomach of unweaned mammals causing the curdling of milk.

    • ‘In 1990, the FDA approved the first bioengineered enzyme, rennin, which traditionally has been extracted from calves' stomachs for use in making cheese.’
    • ‘The heat and the continued enzymatic action of rennin cause the protein to fuse into stringlike filaments, making the curd denser.’
    • ‘Animal rennet contains the digestive enzyme rennin, which curdles milk in the normal process of digestion.’
    • ‘A report on the effect of spices on digestive enzymes mentioned that freshly prepared 1 per cent emulsion of asafoetida in water affected the activity of pepsin, trypsin and rennin in saliva to a small extent 41.’


Late 19th century: from rennet + -in.