Definition of renewer in English:



  • See renew

    • ‘In just a few years The Romeo & Juliet Choir have gained an international reputation as ‘guardians and renewers of the rich musical treasure of the Renaissance.’’
    • ‘He presents Jesus as a renewer and defender of traditional village life in Galilee against the power of the elite.’
    • ‘The lives of residents and storekeepers of many nationalities were destroyed in favor of luxury apartments and government buildings, as urban renewers played cozy with developers whose pickets were deeper than their values.’
    • ‘It was rather they, the renewers, with their appeal to Scripture and the patristic and to some extent medieval patrimony, who were the true traditionalists.’
    • ‘‘What makes them attractive,’ says Block, ‘is that the partner's customers are in the same demographic and psychographic group as the publication, and the magazine has acquired a viable reader and potential renewer.’’