Definition of renewal in English:



  • 1An instance of resuming something after an interruption.

    ‘a renewal of hostilities’
    • ‘During the nineties there's been a renewal of interest for this game.’
    • ‘The Communist party encouraged the renewal of Macedonian cultural life, promoting the Macedonian language and restoring the Macedonian Orthodox Church.’
    • ‘In addition, value theory is apposite in the current renewal of interest in the economy across the social sciences.’
    • ‘This happened in the final quarter of last year, which naturally spurred a renewal of interest on our part, both to get the full facts about the game and also to see what changes had been made relative to what we knew before.’
    • ‘I'm Not Scared may signal a renewal of compelling, socially aware Italian film-making.’
    • ‘Great thing about holidays seasons, such as just past, is the renewal of old friendships and touching comments from chums from around the world.’
    • ‘The enthusiasm of the 18th-century scientists who searched for an objective order looks naive today, yet I sense at the end of our century something like a renewal of a hopeful tone.’
    • ‘Indeed, the big, largely unreported summer story of 2001 was the renewal of financial interest in all things related to the Internet.’
    • ‘As vectoral production develops, the means appear for the renewal of the gift economy.’
    • ‘This was the beginning of the renewal of our friendship.’
    • ‘Recently there's been a renewal of interest in this form of climbing.’
    • ‘It is by no means certain, however, that a ceasefire will lead to renewal of the peace process - or even take hold.’
    • ‘In the Renaissance, the renewal of interest in Greek and Roman mythology opened the way for political subversion as well as propaganda.’
    • ‘Maybe this is the beginning of a renewal of that relationship.’
    • ‘There was a second renewal of interest in Byzantium in the eighth century.’
    • ‘Lebanon remains a fragile body politic in the aftermath of its civil war, and Syria's involvement in Lebanon, while increasingly controversial, is needed to prevent a renewal of civil war.’
    • ‘A renewal of interest in the chip would be a major relief for Intel.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are real danger signs now that the ceasefire may collapse because of a renewal of violence on both sides in the recent weeks.’
    • ‘The election of New Labour in May 1997 was greeted enthusiastically on the Left as presaging trade union resurgence and a renewal of militancy.’
    • ‘Sunday's renewal of rivalry should be no exception.’
    resumption, recommencement
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  • 2mass noun The action of extending the period of validity of a licence, subscription, or contract.

    ‘the contracts came up for renewal’
    count noun ‘a renewal of his passport’
    • ‘The very competent general manager's contract is up for renewal, and there is talk of pressure being put on him to take a political stance - which he should not do.’
    • ‘This gives suppliers a constant means to evaluate their own performance against that of rivals, and a tool to use when contracts come up for renewal.’
    • ‘Customers also have the flexibility of ‘sign and drive,’ with no need to return for monthly contract renewal.’
    • ‘Eventually, the private lines won from the city heavy operating subsidies and automatic contract renewal, protecting them from competition.’
    • ‘These have been extended from their previous 120-day period to a one-year period and subject to renewal indefinitely.’
    • ‘With Dublin licences up for renewal in the coming months, and Newstalk and Spin FM due on the airwaves shortly, the radio market in the capital is set to become more fragmented than ever over the next year.’
    • ‘Public Service Broadcasting - an issue of particular relevance with the BBC seeking charter renewal - will also be discussed.’
    • ‘This right of renewal shall extend to all subsequent five year periods on the same basis for as long as permitted by law.’
    • ‘One audit registration was withdrawn last year and two were refused renewal.’
    • ‘After an elephantine period of gestation the scheme in its present form was implemented as and when each public entertainment licence came up for renewal after March 1998.’
    • ‘Discipline vehicle drivers (both private and public) and adopt stringent rules for issuing and renewal of licences so as to bring in genuine and competent ones.’
    • ‘The commission - which has regulatory authority over the travel trade - has moved to tighten policy on unlicensed trading and late renewal of licences by travel agents and tour operators.’
    • ‘Consideration should be given to increasing the renewal of permits from three years to ten years.’
    • ‘Until comparatively recently in Scotland, the Celtic new year's day was one of the four ancient quarter days on which rents were due, leases came up for renewal and annual employment contracts ended.’
    • ‘She says Horizon Organic also offers two-year contracts with automatic one-year renewals.’
    • ‘She refers to a clear recollection of documentation relating to her annual membership renewal frequently being late in completion.’
    • ‘He will not be seeking a renewal of his contract when it expires in December next year.’
    • ‘Those policies include a proposal to double the cost of licence renewal for drivers not electing to donate their organs.’
    • ‘Transalta was recently granted a 10-year licence renewal for the aging Wabamun power plant.’
    • ‘All city business licences come up for renewal at the beginning of each year.’
  • 3mass noun The replacement or repair of something.

    ‘the need for urban renewal’
    • ‘He also said a comprehensive report on urban renewal was ready for submission to the Cabinet.’
    • ‘Thus, the reform of the electoral system had become a top priority for all those who wanted the renewal of the Italian political system and was vehemently opposed by all those who wanted to retain the system as it was.’
    • ‘Repairs or improvements to premises are allowed; renewal or reconstruction of the entire premises is not.’
    • ‘Its objective is to promote physical renewal and improvement of small towns perceived as having suffered through high rates of de-population and neglect.’
    • ‘Liverpool is experiencing a vibrant renewal of neglected historic areas and industrial buildings.’
    • ‘The conference participants were current and potential leaders of a movement to promote civic renewal in the American research university.’
    • ‘Bone is living tissue engaged in a continual process of renewal.’
    • ‘World War II, however, provided a context for a renewal of the social security system.’
    • ‘Freshly chiseled ornaments stand proudly next to the corroded precursors that served as models, testimony to the endless repair, the incessant renewal of the church.’
    • ‘She saw in it a renewal of European politics, which was previously based on narrow nationalist views.’
    • ‘The report of Total Heating Limited recommends the renewal of the control panel and controls.’
    • ‘China's simple defences against flood, needing annual repair and renewal, deteriorated rapidly from neglect and destruction.’
    • ‘The entire area has been designated for urban renewal and a tax incentive area.’
    renovation, restoration, modernization, improvement, reconditioning, rehabilitation, regeneration, overhauling, redevelopment, rebuilding, reconstruction
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    1. 3.1 (among charismatic Christians) the state or process of being made spiritually new in the Holy Spirit.
      ‘the call to continual spiritual renewal’
      • ‘The concept of renewal / rebirth is responsible for the important role played by the egg in Easter celebrations, a role which no doubt antedates Christianity.’