Definition of rendezvous in English:



  • 1A meeting at an agreed time and place.

    ‘Edward turned up late for their rendezvous’
    • ‘In Twin Creeks, Cole and Dillon followed FBI agent Haynes to a rendezvous with an informant who disclosed that Vincenzo is planning to attend a meeting in Philadelphia.’
    • ‘That night, he keeps his rendezvous with his secret correspondent and is surprised to find that Clara is that person.’
    • ‘Here I have a rendezvous with the Timmermans, a Belgian couple who swapped the world of high finance for the good life.’
    • ‘I rendezvous with the band, sans Justin for the moment, for lunch at the venue.’
    • ‘The contestants had a rendezvous with the ‘super cop’ himself, the City Police Commissioner.’
    • ‘Marie's subsequent rendezvous with her husband to discuss the ransom money is quite absurdist, occurring on a very crowded street near a poissonnerie and a merry-go-round.’
    • ‘In the four hours it took Gabe to wait for his rendezvous with Alex, the weather did not improve; as a matter of fact, it had only become colder, more drafty and cloudier.’
    • ‘Not many get the chance to have a rendezvous with the 1980 All England badminton champion.’
    • ‘As it was, I was already a couple minutes late for our little rendezvous.’
    • ‘They found him shortly after, and finding themselves with another forty-five minutes before the rendezvous with the superheroes, ducked into Ye Olde Time Arkade a few blocks down.’
    • ‘Christopher arranges a rendezvous with the socialite.’
    • ‘While we're at it, we should throw in the fact that he so vividly recounts a rendezvous with an Antiguan immigration officer.’
    • ‘Winston and the girl were finally able to arrange a rendezvous in the country.’
    • ‘I hated our yearly rendezvous with the Bennets.’
    • ‘Fortified by a twice-baked Goats cheese souffle and a wine that was fresh, crisp and fruity, I set off for my final rendezvous with his holiness.’
    • ‘Turning off the sound but letting the image run in the background, he turned to prepare for his rendezvous with the Senator.’
    • ‘Mark and Tina sat in the reception awaiting their rendezvous with the principle.’
    • ‘Until then I'll be making arrangements for your rendezvous with your charges.’
    • ‘When a young police detective sets up a rendezvous with Tina for a little late night ‘questioning,’ he becomes the duo's next victim.’
    • ‘We don't know what he may have told the Krasians on his last rendezvous with them.’
    meeting, appointment, engagement, assignation
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    1. 1.1 A meeting place.
      ‘you'd be welcome to use this place as a rendezvous’
      • ‘University campuses became the rendezvous of students' organizations.’
      • ‘It's a marital rendezvous, a meeting place for Paul and me after one of his weeks away.’
      • ‘We always have our annual spring picnic at our secret rendezvous which is at Central Park.’
      • ‘The Indian Coffee House at Spencer Junction soon became the rendezvous for members.’
      meeting place, venue, place of assignation
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    2. 1.2 A bar, restaurant, or similar establishment that is used as a popular meeting place.
      ‘a lively West End restaurant rendezvous’
      • ‘Sissi House may sound like a camp rendezvous but this charming 17th century Jdeide mansion is a cut glass restaurant.’


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  • Meet at an agreed time and place.

    ‘I rendezvoused with Bea as planned’
    • ‘After a minute or two the group rendezvoused outside the block, and sat on some benches.’
    • ‘Ryan and Wynters will rendezvous again this fall, when their new musical is workshopped at Grant MacEwan.’
    • ‘Before we know it, they have, indeed, rendezvoused at Dulles airport.’
    • ‘In his second novel, The Charwoman's Daughter, a description of young men and women rendezvousing in Grafton Street of an evening circa 1912 rings true today.’
    • ‘It describes one night in Vienna between their meeting on a train and going their separate ways, promising to rendezvous in six months.’
    • ‘After rendezvousing at base camp with the four gents from the University of Arizona tree ring lab we all variously ascended the mountain for a day of research.’
    • ‘I rendezvoused with him at the Bon Chance Bar in New Orleans.’
    • ‘The company had to pay all suppliers who carted their goods to a spot in the desert where it was arranged for the group to rendezvous for a desert lunch.’
    • ‘One evening last summer, I rendezvoused with him at his 74th reunion.’
    • ‘This is where Aboriginal groups rendezvoused, camped and exchanged goods and stories with each other and with French entrepreneurs and traders of various ethnic groups.’
    • ‘When Maria, Ben, Jennifer, Michael and I rendezvoused before the parade, I had no idea how the spirit of carnival would open Michael emotionally.’
    • ‘Now I simply hoped to keep him busy with minor editorial details, the excuse for the three of us to rendezvous in Aspen.’
    • ‘That evening we rendezvoused with a rambunctious fisherman who had motored down to meet us from his home in Pelican.’
    • ‘Within nineteen hours and several small connecting flights from now, he would be rendezvousing with one of his people in the little town he'd been using as a supply base for the past decade.’
    • ‘The three vagrants then rendezvoused in Barterman's room and used Perterson's hair to climb down to the ground.’
    • ‘Conference over, I rendezvoused with my wife Sue in Phoenix.’
    • ‘Can we rendezvous at Rae's Junction or thereabouts?’
    • ‘After the bell finally rang, dismissing the classes and flooding the halls with ravenous students, the two friends met in the corner of the hallway where they had rendezvoused for the past semester.’
    • ‘She rendezvouses with him at the river and bails the aquarium out once a week, trout or no trout.’
    • ‘I said to myself that all sounded legitimate enough, so I agreed to rendezvous with them for a drink at a bar near my house.’
    meet, come together, get together, gather, assemble
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Late 16th century: from French rendez-vous! ‘present yourselves!’, imperative of se rendre.