Definition of rendering in English:



  • 1A performance of a piece of music or drama.

    ‘a lively rendering of ‘Ilkley Moor’’
    • ‘The local choirs gave a beautiful rendering of carols creating a wonderful festive atmosphere.’
    • ‘The sonic results are a startling rendering of the music.’
    • ‘‘Eccentric’ may also apply in a more dominant way to her rendering of the Second Sonata.’
    • ‘Here she was in the absolute prime of her voice and her rendering of that famous Second Act is quite simply spine-tingling in all departments.’
    • ‘His rendering of Memories Are Made of This, in particular, is a model of stylish re-creation.’
    • ‘Theatre of Blood makes explicit what is implicit in pop renderings of Shakespeare: a contest between cultural constituencies for authority, a struggle that makes Shakespeare the cultural icon both weapon and prize.’
    • ‘One of the most powerful factors in the musical rendering of an intricate drama is that relationships, motivations and events may be condensed structurally.’
    • ‘In between, there was to be a short tea-break and a rendering of drama songs.’
    • ‘The rendering of the all-time classic songs by children was music to the ears.’
    • ‘The result is an authentically eerie, but faithful, rendering of Guthrie's songs.’
    • ‘He is also a robust singer, as his rendering of Blow High proved.’
    • ‘He first conducted the Montreal Symphony in 1999 with a rendering of Mahler's Ninth, regarded as the finest ever heard in this city.’
    • ‘It was totally realised here in one of the finest renderings I have ever heard.’
    • ‘A lively rendering of The Nutcracker, a ballet fantasy thrilled its audience to a standing ovation Thursday.’
    • ‘We sense the tragedy of the poetic ballad and the noble lineage of its characters in the very opening measures of the musical rendering.’
    • ‘The choir gave a beautiful rendering of hymns to celebrate this special occasion in the children's lives.’
    • ‘A fearlessly virtuosic rendering of the double stops in the cadenza capped a spectacular performance that breathed new life into a repertoire staple!’
    • ‘Unfamiliar renderings and the absence of starry vocals allow the music to be really heard again.’
    • ‘He returned to adaptation in 1998 with his faithful rendering of Toni Morrison's Beloved.’
    1. 1.1 A translation.
      ‘a literal rendering of an idiom’
      • ‘This never-been-done-before adaptation of a timeless tale gives a fuller rendering of the book that is normally achievable in a classic adaptation.’
      • ‘It is as far from a literal rendering of Akhmatova's verse as it is from the book's dominant temperament.’
      • ‘Literary translations-that is, renderings that were not specifically designed to assist in the teaching of Latin or Greek-were left with no direct rhetorical utility to recommend them.’
      • ‘Given a brilliant translator and a minor text, couldn't a rendering actually exceed the original?’
      • ‘Indeed, translators were quick to admit that their renderings were but starting points for readers who wished to become familiar with the ancients.’
    2. 1.2 An artistic depiction of something.
      ‘a trompe l'oeil rendering of Mount Rushmore’
      • ‘The architectural rendering is central to this process.’
      • ‘The paintings first appear to be straightforward - if somewhat naive and cartoonish - renderings of landscapes, circus performers, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and porcelain vases.’
      • ‘Primarily used at night, the building is shown in night renderings to express how the building can glow and invite the community inside.’
      • ‘Long known for Abstract-Expressionist renderings of the figure, he eventually began to place those figures in landscapes.’
      • ‘They did not appear that way in the artist's rich rendering.’
      • ‘Site visitors can access photographs and artists' renderings that provide a wild ride from the microscope through the telescope and beyond.’
      • ‘His sixfold screen, Pine Wood (Tokyo National Museum), is a masterly rendering in monochrome ink of a grove of trees enveloped in mist.’
      • ‘That is, does the artistic rendering seem real?’
      • ‘Geometric patterns as well as realistic renderings of people and animals were common.’
      • ‘Visually these pictures have weight, with their brushy renderings of peasants, soldiers, flower gardens or heads popping up like jack-in-the-boxes.’
      • ‘Pierson's scrawled-letter drawings in ink and graphite, sometimes accompanied by expressionist renderings of faces, hands and objects, recall works of concrete poetry.’
      • ‘They are admittedly livelier than his uncle's sole contribution, a stately architectural rendering of the Grand Canal in Venice on a rainy day.’
      • ‘The result was a collection of thousands of beautiful and precise renderings that serve as accurate records of the fruits of that era.’
      • ‘It was a government-sponsored project employing artists to make remarkably accurate watercolor renderings of folk art objects throughout the United States.’
      • ‘Years of early art, pencil sketches, architectural renderings, magazine covers, newspaper clippings and personal photographs are also on display in the new gallery.’
      • ‘He flipped to the next page and studied an artists' rendering of the landscaped park.’
      • ‘Because the schematic renderings leave out as much as they leave in, they exude a minimalist reserve.’
      • ‘And this is an architect's rendering of the house, with some additions I want added.’
      • ‘In addition to measured drawings of churches, Gimson's sketchbooks from the 1880s include renderings of traditional farm buildings, country furniture, and craft tools.’
      • ‘An architectural rendering calls on the viewer to accept a visual depiction as an indication of the proposed physical reality.’
      • ‘He went to a lot of trouble to give a detailed and accurate rendering of the Louvre, and it shows.’
      • ‘There are very few finished renderings of the buildings, and carefully choreographed photographs are scant.’
      • ‘What's important to remember is that, historically, most people only knew what the royals looked like through painted portraits or artist's renderings (if they even had access to them).’
      • ‘The collection of prints includes a mix of abstract architectural renderings, building perspectives and chamber impressions.’
      • ‘In its stark, relatively empty setting, Self-Portrait with Pumpkin wryly contrasts an image of the seated artist with virtuosic renderings of a gorgeous pumpkin and a large hollow log.’
      • ‘The unusual display highlighted the relief elements in the stylized renderings of a Ferris wheel, a simple house and a self-portrait.’
      • ‘Townsend's contemporary work combines photo-realistic renderings of surreal settings which include cityscapes, organic forms and common objects.’
      • ‘All of them are nudes and convincing as renderings of specific persons.’
      • ‘A full range of styles, from figurative and abstraction to portraiture, landscape, naturalism and cartoon-like renderings, is on display.’
      • ‘There are also instructive parallels between Schneider's work and two photographers who explored painterly and imaginative renderings of the body.’
      • ‘Second, look for unusually accurate renderings of the human form.’
      • ‘He dropped the architectural rendering when taking to the front of the room.’
      • ‘Most melancholic of all is the rendering of the relics of a destroyed Lenin statue as Lenin's resting place.’
    3. 1.3Computing mass noun The processing of an outline image using colour and shading to make it appear solid and three-dimensional.
      • ‘In particular, real-time 3D graphics rendering is not yet capable of global illumination.’
      • ‘Like conventional rendering, the scene is passed to the geometry processing engine where the polygons are transformed into view space.’
      • ‘Traditional polygon texture-based rendering, and even programmable shading is not that difficult anymore, per Kirk.’
      • ‘However, when it comes to final rendering, the number of processor cores does matter a lot.’
      • ‘For professional usage, when time is money, using a dual core CPU for 3D rendering is a must.’
  • 2mass noun The action of applying plaster to a wall.

    ‘the walls are capped and ready for rendering’
    • ‘In my judgment a process such as fitting units, will render any repair by way of decoration or rendering or pointing to the primary structure of the wall impossible or unnecessary.’
    1. 2.1count noun A coating of plaster applied to a wall.
      ‘the walls can be of rendering, timber, or stone’
      • ‘For instance, in a terrace of houses it would be important to retain the original rendering on the walls and keep the sliding sash windows and front railing, because these features affect the whole ensemble.’
      • ‘Prior to fixing coving we would recommend Hydrotite being applied to finish plastered rendering, to same height as PVC coves.’
      • ‘It was agreed that rendering beneath a dpc, or in this case beneath a false dpc but nevertheless still in close proximity to the ground, should not have been included in the design.’
  • 3formal mass noun The action of giving or surrendering something.

    ‘the rendering of Church dues’