Definition of removalist in English:



  • A person or firm engaged in household or business removals.

    • ‘But anecdotal evidence from airlines and removalists suggests many of those who fled post-1994 are being lured back by the country's stability.’
    • ‘Keeping the common goal of their research in mind has got them through the low points, like this summer, for instance, when every afternoon it was 45 degrees in their shelter, a converted removalist's truck.’
    • ‘One, participants said, featured removalists who worked longer daily hours in return for extra time off but didn't quality for overtime until they had worked a 50-hour week.’
    • ‘That's the last time I ever do this without removalists, and turn down spontaneous offers of help from several friends.’
    • ‘I keep waiting for a removalist to drop it so I can get a new TV, but it just won't die.’
    • ‘It turned out that the box isn't an ordinary cardboard box, but a giant one that a removalist would use - so just guess how many bottles would fit into one of those!’
    • ‘Sean 1 is the older, experienced mover, with a dry sense of humour, a smoking habit, probably resigned to being a removalist for most of his working life, and apparently loving it.’
    • ‘She also entrusted me to arrange a removalist to do the Heavy Stuff.’
    • ‘No, the removalists are coming for them, too.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the removalists were at the High Court doors.’
    • ‘We had four hours until the removalists arrived at our house.’
    • ‘We'll need to get a furniture removalist on Wednesday.’
    • ‘You know, the thought that, you know, that toddlers were signing a contract and then calling the removalists around to clean out their playrooms and put them into their principal places of residence, well, just never occurred to me.’
    • ‘Once again, they put their prized possessions in the hands of the lowest bidder and pray to the great removal god that these removalists pack everything properly and hope against all hopes that nothing is damaged.’
    • ‘Filled with a new sense of belonging we returned to our apartment, which felt like a small pair of shoes, cancelled our picnic and rescheduled the removalists.’
    • ‘The removalist is moving my luggage out of the Leo's apartment.’
    • ‘I still haven't booked the budget van, or the piano removalist, or sent the documents back to the bank.’
    • ‘The removalists are due at Jen's place at 7am, and at my joint some indeterminate time later to move the piano and the rest of my worldly goods for the third time in 12 months.’
    • ‘I would assume that he would not ordinarily stoop to act as an unauthorized removalist, instead choosing to hire plumbers to do the - ahem - dirty work, or at least carry out the task with some panache, perhaps wearing a mask.’
    • ‘When they completed their new administration facility, a speedy but safe removalist was required.’