Definition of remount in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈmaʊnt/
  • 1Get on (a horse or vehicle) in order to ride it again.

    ‘she went to remount her horse’
    no object ‘I remounted and rode on’
    • ‘‘Both horses are frightened, Devin, let that be enough reason for you,’ Freddie stated solemnly and then abruptly closed the subject by remounting his horse.’
    • ‘Christine seemed leery of remounting the horse, and justifiably so, as the rider did not seem to be capable of steering.’
    • ‘On the contrary, Santa's approach wins cheers from the moment he is spotted remounting his sleigh.’
    • ‘I remounted Malaya and jogged the short distance back to my own house.’
    • ‘Carefully he remounted Gayla with Amalia sitting in front of him, his arms securely fastened around her waist and her head upon his shoulder.’
    • ‘I remounted my anxious horse and began to ride back towards my manor.’
    • ‘Once outside she gave MeadowLark a few carrots then remounted.’
    • ‘The stallion danced around the men, who were just picking themselves up and remounting their own horses.’
    • ‘Yet he had to settle for third behind Red Marauder after falling and remounting - he again rode Blowing Wind to third in 2002.’
    • ‘After they remount their horse and donkey, the two begin another of their incredible conversations.’
    • ‘Missy and I remounted Jenny as I put Doc back in my shirt pocket, but I was afraid to ask Jenny to gallop as she was hurting so much.’
    • ‘The men remounted and rode back toward the great house.’
    • ‘Then wishing his friend a safe last journey, he remounted his horse and sped for home.’
    • ‘Julian stayed in the shadowed alley for half an hour, until finally the goblins began remounting their dogs and riding off.’
    • ‘He doesn't say anything as I remount the bike and pull out, he just stands watching.’
    • ‘He remounted another bike and rode the final 80 miles on his own, in bad condition, just to try and complete the Rás.’
    • ‘But seconds later the plucky rider had regained her composure and remounted her animal.’
    • ‘Without a word, he stood, remounted his horse, a tall black Thoroughbred named Dancing Dream, and rode away at a brisk walk.’
    • ‘Sighing she recoiled her rope and remounted Diego and slowly rode off.’
    • ‘But still, when they remounted and rode rapidly on, the dread gnawed at his vitals like a rat in the pit of his belly.’
  • 2Attach to a new frame or setting.

    ‘remount the best photos in glass-fronted mounts’
    • ‘But I explain the cost of remounting a new print if the old one fades.’
  • 3Organize and embark on (a course of action) again.

    ‘the raid was remounted in August’
    1. 3.1 Produce (a play or exhibition) again.
      ‘they remounted the play the following year’
      • ‘In the manual he composed for remounting Etant donnes in the museum, he wrote that it was ‘executed between 1946 and 1966 in New York.’’
      • ‘The play that invites us all to a kind of Religious Fundamentalists Anonymous meeting will be remounted, with changes, at infinitheatre at the end of January.’
      • ‘It's like watching Radiohead's ‘Fitter Happier’ as remounted by Deepak Chopra and the cast from Flashdance.’
      • ‘I loved this show and hope it will be remounted soon - perhaps in a laundrette near you.’
      • ‘Walker's sharply funny piece about a fading movie star who starts stalking one of her fans will be remounted in this summer's Fringe festival and is a show to look out for.’
      • ‘Its revival of The Mystery of Irma Vep was also a success and will be remounted at Edmonton's Citadel Theatre next season.’
      • ‘This season it is being remounted in Montreal through late October, and then moves back to Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, where it debuted, through November.’
      • ‘It did well and is now being remounted at the Jane Mallet Theatre.’
      • ‘Perennial favourite Darrin Hagen remounts The Edmonton Queen, which had its conception first at the Loud and Queer festival about six years ago.’
      • ‘Craddock's current offering, Boy Groove, appeared as part of Azimuth Theatre's regular season this past winter, but is being remounted with a different cast as part of the Fringe.’
      • ‘A Delicate Battle is being remounted by The National Ballet, with an engagement at the Hummingbird Centre that ends this week.’
      • ‘Gilbert views the current same-sex marriage debate as a timely reason to remount Play Murder, which first hit the stage in 1993.’
      • ‘Now that Les Noces has been remounted, might it not be borrowed back?’
      • ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream is back in Edmonton this week as Alberta Ballet remounts Christopher Wheeldon's rendition of the Shakespeare favorite.’
      • ‘The surreally fresh creel of sketch comedy was one of the freshest and inventive productions of the year - one that deserves to be remounted again, or toured.’
      • ‘Kudelka's experiments in remounting the Petipa classics have benefited from the coherence implicit in the Petipa originals.’
      • ‘There's also a strong similarity to Stay Black and Die, a Fringe show in '98 that was remounted at Centaur that fall.’
      • ‘Since then, Mambo has been remounted in Montreal and in January had a major Toronto premiere, brought to the city by Canada's preeminent theatrical gurus, the Mirvishes.’
      • ‘The show will be remounted in Montreal this summer in its French version, followed by another staging of the English version at the Centaur in the fall.’
      • ‘The broadcast was not recorded but its popularity meant the serial was remounted in the studio a few months later, in hour-long episodes.’


Pronunciation /ˈriːmaʊnt/
  • 1A fresh horse for a rider.

    ‘herds of remounts grazed the meadows above the city’
    • ‘Indeed in the 1928/29 season it was a Spanish officer who won the most important race in the local point-to-point on a Spanish Army remount.’
    • ‘Each man had about five horses and a herd of remounts always followed the armies to ensure that there would be a sufficient amount of horses.’
    • ‘The other quarter I fancy owed itself to a drop of Waler blood in her genealogy, from one of the thousands of Australian horses shipped to the Middle East in 1914 as Cavalry remounts.’
    • ‘The pack animals and remounts caught its fear, lunging against their leads and squealing in terror, and Bahzell leapt in among them to calm them.’
    1. 1.1historical A supply of fresh horses for a regiment.
      ‘50 or 60 horses should be purchased as a remount’