Definition of remix in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /riːˈmɪks/
  • 1Mix (something) again.

    ‘the blood cells and plasma are remixed and returned to the patient’
    • ‘Each dungeon has been redesigned to offer new challenges - and in turn, mess with returning players by remixing the puzzles and the room progression completely.’
    • ‘Working in her home, she would mix and remix complex blends of essential oils and other ingredients to create fragrances with the qualities she wanted.’
    • ‘When separated it can be remixed simply by shaking hard in a jar with a lid.’
    1. 1.1 Produce a different version of (a musical recording) by altering the balance of the separate tracks.
      ‘they remixed their first single’
      • ‘Two bonus tracks, remixed by Brazilian DJ team BossaCucaNova, will have you bounding out of your seat.’
      • ‘I, personally, would like to see this album remixed with some different drum parts to hear how good it could really be.’
      • ‘So he should immediately farm this whole record out to all kinds of good producers who could remix it entirely and try to make it better.’
      • ‘It's like with remixing, I'll remix anybody, especially stuff that I was really into when I was a kid, like Depeche Mode or Anne Clark.’
      • ‘All the people that have remixed my tracks have been friends of mine.’
      • ‘The joyride begins with songs that feel more like remixed versions of real ones.’
      • ‘It takes a few more chances than, say, Presley's latest remixed No. 1 smash.’
      • ‘They copy from each other, remixing the songs and add to the songs.’
      • ‘Remixing an album by the greatest rock band of all time can be, well, daunting.’
      • ‘The tracks have not been remixed as much as they have been distorted through numerous filters.’
      • ‘It seems like hes run out of ideas a minute and a half into it and has to revert to remixing his old hardcore tracks to get the momentum flowing again.’
      • ‘There are some dancefloor fillers, such as recent single, Lately, which is also remixed as a bonus final track but, again, they lack anything to really made them stand out.’
      • ‘At the other end of the extreme is ‘Make It Mine’, remixed by Moby.’
      • ‘Are you quite choosy in the tracks you decide to remix?’
      • ‘A third and final version, remixed by Amundsen, closes the album.’
      • ‘I really like that new bands are getting into having their songs remixed.’
      • ‘Whereas most artists are content to recycle successful albums with the odd bonus track for extra sales revenue, this particular musical genius has re-visited and remixed his latest long-player in the form of Guerolito.’
      • ‘He makes a jazz album first, and then allows separate ground for the turntablists to remix five of the original tracks.’
      • ‘I remember asking if I could get a DJ to remix one of my tracks, and they called him and it was $20,000 to do the mix.’
      • ‘You have had some big names remixing tracks from Simple Things, and Stereolab have remixed Home.’


Pronunciation /ˈriːmɪks/
  • A version of a musical recording produced by remixing.

    ‘eight remixes of the track are featured on the CD’
    • ‘Every song comes out as the hip-hop remix.’
    • ‘So the message is clear, if you want to make music that sells then it makes good sense to give remixes a try.’
    • ‘The energetic pair also include remixes by four close and talented friends.’
    • ‘The project naturally developed into collecting not only videos, but also original recordings and remixes into two double albums packed to the hilt with gems.’
    • ‘In addition to remixes of previously released tracks, Camphor features two new songs.’
    • ‘Sting has quite clearly taken the third path and seduced a host of new fans through remixes, cover versions and car commercials.’
    • ‘Often we include remixes of old pieces in our pre or post concert music.’
    • ‘These remixes come close to capturing the spirit of other jazz-remix projects such as Germany's Mojo series, Verve Remixed and, of course, the various Blue Note Revisited series.’
    • ‘Crucially it was a label where artists could experiment - wild remixes often became the version of choice.’
    • ‘Some people did their remixes in a week or even a couple of days.’
    • ‘This isn't the follow-up to Chin Up Chin Up's promising debut, but a reprint of their first EP with the addition of two remixes, an acoustic version of ‘Falcons and Vulcans’, and a video.’
    • ‘It's not really fair to demand musical brilliance from remixes, although it can be done.’
    • ‘As the electronic descendant of the lowly ‘cover version,’ the remix has become an inventive genre in its own right.’
    • ‘And I believe this is the techno remix version.’
    • ‘The result is a two-disc release that features remixes and originals.’
    • ‘However, he soon returned to it, and started doing odd music assignments, such as singing remixes and cover versions, besides ad jingles.’
    • ‘Did you know that there are four remixes of that song?’
    • ‘Expect the remix of ‘Rude Boy’ to be hitting the airwaves soon featuring some of the best MCs in the game.’
    • ‘I'm going to wait for the disco remix, and it's going to be great.’
    • ‘Unlike most remixes, each track is treated beyond a simple representation or repetition of its original.’