Definition of remitter in English:



  • See remit

    • ‘The large number of married remitters suggests that in some cases weavers are remitting to spouses who do not live in Kathmandu, rather than to parental households.’
    • ‘Slightly more than one half of the 290 patients who had ECT continued in the study as remitters.’
    • ‘Further, in the alternative, if your Honour is against me on all of those arguments, we would say quite simply that the only costs that could be considered to be unnecessary would be the costs of the application for remitter.’
    • ‘In the authority that I have referred to it is suggested that the Court should not, by making a remitter, alter the rights of the parties and that is intended to refer to giving one party an advantage over the other in the litigation.’
    • ‘Those are points which can be agitated in the Court of Appeal on remitter if, but only if, the notice of appeal to the Court of Appeal is first amended, and you would need leave in the Court of Appeal to do so?’