Definition of reminisce in English:



  • Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

    ‘they reminisced about their summers abroad’
    • ‘Alex donned the simple silver ring on her fourth finger, and she glanced at it now, the hint of a smile lingering on her face as she reminisced on the past memories.’
    • ‘I chuckled at his cheeky outburst and put on a pot of coffee so we could sit down by the shattered window and reminisce of fond memories past.’
    • ‘Kids that weren't even born seem to have acquired memories of that day from their parents when they reminisce about the event.’
    • ‘He reminisced about past years while they ate lunch before he excused himself and left the two men.’
    • ‘We reminisced about the past and talked about the present, as well as the future.’
    • ‘The couple changes the subject to the party later that evening and reminisces of past Christmases.’
    • ‘Their combat days are over, but father and son reminisce about a past that makes them comrades as well as kin.’
    • ‘Just like in high school, they will reminisce about the past and look forward to the future.’
    • ‘It was a chance to get away, to talk about the future, reminisce about the past, and to simply enjoy each other's company.’
    • ‘He fingered an empty holy water vial, reminiscing on past battles and forgotten glories.’
    • ‘But he supposed reminiscing about her past was hardly something they needed to do.’
    • ‘Gazing out at the Bay, the old man reminisced about the past.’
    • ‘Throughout the journey, the three of us reminisced about past times and learned some newfound information about one another.’
    • ‘Fans will enjoy the revitalised element, while happily reminiscing on the past.’
    • ‘They reminisce about past holidays and wonder if they are forgetting Johnny.’
    • ‘The story takes place in a café where Julia reminisces about her past.’
    • ‘For example, one should not talk of death, dying or misfortune and not reminisce about the past year, as this is a new year and a new beginning.’
    • ‘They also reminisced over events that happened while they were still in grade school.’
    • ‘Violet, an elderly resident in a care home, discusses the present and reminisces about the past, but ends up recalling events she'd rather have forgotten.’
    • ‘I flipped through a magazine as they ate and spoke of music and reminisced over the past.’
    cast one's mind back to, think back to, look back on, be nostalgic about, hark back to, recall, recollect, reflect on, call to mind, review
    exchange memories, take a trip down memory lane, indulge in reminiscence, dwell on the past
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Early 19th century: back-formation from reminiscence.