Definition of remineralize in English:


(British remineralise)


[with object]
  • Restore the depleted mineral content of (a part of the body, especially the bones or teeth)

    ‘women are often given oestrogen to see whether that will help remineralize the bones’
    • ‘Saliva contains natural substances like organic molecules and electrolyte which act as most effective natural agents to neutralise plaque acids and remineralise the tooth enamel.’
    • ‘Parotid glands, which are opposite the front lower molars, nearly parallel to the ear lobes, secrete a thin, watery substance that is rich in antibacterial proteins and compounds that help remineralize the teeth.’
    • ‘Around the age of 30, a second phase called re-modelling begins in which old bone is dissolved by the osteoclast cells and new bone becomes deposited (remineralised) by the other, related, class of cells called osteoblasts.’
    • ‘‘I tell people to buy any toothpaste that's on sale,’ says Price, ‘as long as it contains fluoride (which remineralizes the enamel on your teeth).’’