Definition of remiges in English:


plural noun

  • Flight feathers.

    Compare with rectrices
    • ‘I cut each of the primary remiges 3 cm shorter, measuring from the tip and perpendicular to the long axis.’
    • ‘The remiges have similarly colored outer edges, but the rest of each remex is slatier and darker.’
    • ‘Then, by laying the remex along the length of the ruler, its length was measured to the nearest millimeter.’
    • ‘Wing area was reduced by taping primary remiges five to seven (counted ascendingly).’
    • ‘The excellent fossil remains of feathers from the several specimens of Archaeopteryx are remiges and rectrices.’
    plume, quill
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Mid 18th century: from Latin, literally ‘rowers’, based on remus ‘oar’.