Definition of rememberer in English:



  • See remember

    • ‘Participants were told that the experimenter was interested in how people decide whether a memory is either true or based on a false event that the rememberer thinks happened.’
    • ‘When recalled, memories stored in the sense memory evoke the present in which they were made, a present always previous to, and so in some way foreign to, the one in which the rememberer now dwells.’
    • ‘But the youngest of the company, who was also the greatest rememberer of all, says: ‘I remember nothing.’’
    • ‘They concluded that mistaken reports tend to contain less information related to the perceptual or sensory detail of the event, are described with more words, and tend to be held with less confidence by the rememberer.’
    • ‘Generally, the best recalled information tends to be central to the event, meaningful to the rememberer (witness/victim), and thought about in the years since the incident.’