Definition of remedial in English:



  • 1Giving or intended as a remedy or cure.

    ‘remedial surgery’
    • ‘Sandel points out that justice is remedial - it corrects or repudiates injustice.’
    • ‘Contrary to our learned friend's submissions, we resist the proposition that this is remedial or beneficial legislation.’
    • ‘As a result the analysis cannot be used as the basis for remedial measures.’
    • ‘Not all patients would benefit from remedial massage, but once they are re-aligned, it is the icing on the cake to go in deep and work on muscles that may have been held in spasm for many years.’
    • ‘And efforts to frustrate remedial measures that should be implemented must not be countenanced.’
    • ‘So blaming itself is a very satisfying emotion, but there is no remedial benefit from it.’
    • ‘If not, they were told what remedial action to take, if any.’
    • ‘He does however feel that remedial work should be done now.’
    • ‘I said yesterday that legislation should be remedial in nature.’
    • ‘The reason why he wanted to conduct sound tests at the other properties was to confirm that what he had been told was correct, and also to help determine the remedial works.’
    • ‘Prevention of disease certainly seems cheaper than having to give remedial therapy afterward.’
    • ‘Today's liberalism holds that remedial measures are necessary to compensate for past injustices.’
    • ‘He believes that he has been involved in perhaps a couple of situations where remedial ties had to be implemented.’
    • ‘They have diligently pursued answers to the causes of the problems and the correct remedial approach.’
    • ‘Although the evidence is limited, these patients are often treated with warfarin to prevent progression, especially if remedial surgery is not possible.’
    • ‘This is not because of any individual error but because of a worrying pattern of apparent inability to learn from previous mistakes and benefit from remedial input.’
    • ‘Carrying out remedial repairs and updating of central heating systems are among the group s priorities.’
    • ‘Therapeutic and remedial massage helped in the short term with or without essential oils, but I felt there was more needed.’
    • ‘Geriatricians are concerned about standards of assessment and continuing medical, nursing, and remedial therapy care in nursing homes.’
    • ‘We need some enlightened planning to redesign and rebuild all our depressed urban areas in a way that may prove more cost beneficial than all the other remedial measures put together.’
    healing, curative, curing, medicinal, restorative, health-giving, tonic, sanative, reparative, corrective, ameliorative, beneficial, good, salubrious, salutary
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    1. 1.1 Provided or intended for children with learning difficulties.
      ‘remedial education’
      • ‘To many, adult education is nothing but literacy and remedial education aiming at teaching people how to read and write.’
      • ‘Had there been enough money at Jack's school, he would have received remedial math help.’
      • ‘Consequently, the remedial help students need is not forthcoming.’
      • ‘Early identification and intervention is much easier than remedial education in late years.’
      • ‘James told the teachers that if they accelerated their skills, there will be no need for remedial classes.’
      • ‘If the figures being thrown around this week are any indication, there are a lot of people in need of remedial math lessons.’
      • ‘Many difficult children have learning difficulties that can be eliminated with remedial teaching allowing the children to flower.’
      • ‘Fortunately you will be raising my taxes to help you offset the pinch of her remedial reading courses.’
      • ‘There is no substitute for direct remedial instruction in reading.’
      • ‘Many freshmen have to take remedial English classes for which they receive no credit.’
      • ‘Instead, it is considered just a condition requiring remedial education.’
      • ‘"Clearly, too many students need remedial courses," the report states.’
      • ‘The confusion generated by this usage, too, has to be tackled by remedial education.’
      • ‘Remedial instructions will be provided when the child reaches Grade 3.’
      • ‘A school must have teachers qualified in remedial education to identify and give them help.’
      • ‘Remedial education - also called developmental education - suffers from an image problem.’
      • ‘Costa Rica's environmental court has helped with remedial education.’


Mid 17th century: from late Latin remedialis, from Latin remedium ‘cure, medicine’ (see remedy).