Definition of remeasure in English:



[with object]
  • Measure again.

    ‘the builder's surveyor will normally remeasure the work’
    • ‘In addition, 30 patients were remeasured at a follow-up visit after 8 to 10 treatments.’
    • ‘Bag-encumbered still photographers sat cross-legged on the floor in the wide aisle in front of the stage, carefully measuring and remeasuring focus and exposure, impatient fingers twitching on well-worn shutter releases.’
    • ‘Allow to set for 5 minutes and remeasure the width.’
    • ‘This time was widely disputed even though the Turf Club declared that it was satisfied with the accuracy of the timing mechanism and the distance was found to be correct when the course was remeasured two days after the race.’
    • ‘Once I was confident I had the right location (by measuring and remeasuring about 50 million times) I drilled a hole using a 1/4 inch drill bit.’
    • ‘When it was remeasured in 2000, it was actually 14 feet shorter but had gained 26 inches in circumference to become, at 1,024 inches, the only champion ever to break the 1,000-inch mark.’
    • ‘I hope the trees you see pictured here and their locations inspire you to hunt for new champs and to help us remeasure the old.’
    • ‘Once that's set, they can make it real by remeasuring every year.’
    • ‘The light output of each unit was measured initially; a new bulb or, when possible, a new battery was then put into the unit, and the degree of illumination was remeasured.’
    • ‘We censused marked fish at approximately weekly intervals until we terminated the sampling between 26 and 31 July 1997 by collecting and remeasuring all marked fish.’
    • ‘Because the experimenter also remeasured the same data, the reliability of the experimenter's measurements could also be evaluated.’
    • ‘As the youngest person on a work team laying cables at Co-op City in the Bronx, Ike, as he was called at the time, would remeasure the cable lines of other workers to see if they were the right length.’
    • ‘I calmed him down by saying the project isn't about truth, it's about representation, and the point of departure is the cataloguing of it, not going back and remeasuring every painting.’
    • ‘We're constantly measuring and remeasuring all those things to make sure we don't lose any time on the track.’
    • ‘After relocating a point I remeasured all the original trees.’
    • ‘Upon termination of the experiment all bass were collected and remeasured.’
    • ‘These spectra were remeasured and reproduced here using the instrument described here.’
    • ‘They may return up to twice a week to remeasure and to take blood samples.’