Definition of remanence in English:



  • See remanent

    • ‘Coercivity of remanence, the back-field required to reduce a saturation remanence to zero, cannot readily be determined from hysteresis loop measurements and requires separate back-field measurements.’
    • ‘We introduce the additional constraints of crustal isostasy to gravity models and the observations of the polarity of magnetic remanence within the lava pile to magnetic models.’
    • ‘To explore this possibility both the anisotropy of susceptibility and the anisotropy of magnetic remanence of the dykes were measured.’
    • ‘The fraction of the saturation magnetization which is retained when the driving field is removed is called the remanence of the material, and is the basis of data storage on audio and video tapes and computer hard drives.’
    • ‘Acquisition of the intermediate-temperature remanence in the dykes occurred during the greenschist-facies metamorphism, or during cooling at the end of the period of metamorphism and alteration.’