Definition of remanant in English:



  • 1The rest or remainder of a number of people or (occasionally) animals; the others.

  • 2The rest or remainder of a thing or aggregate of things; that which, or all that, is left over. Now rare.

  • 3A remaining thing, part, or piece; a remnant.


Middle English; earliest use found in Arthour and Merlin. From Anglo-Norman remanaunt, remenaunt, remennaunt, remeinaunt, etc., Anglo-Norman and Middle French remanant, remenant, remaignant, etc. (also remanent; French rémanent: see below) that which remains, present participle of remanoir. Compare post-classical Latin remanantum residue, remainder, remanentum, remenantum remnant, Spanish remanente, noun, Portuguese remanente, adjective, Italian rimanente, adjective and noun. Compare slightly earlier aremanant. Compare later remanent, remanent, which are identical in pronunciation to this word.