Definition of remain to be seen in English:

remain to be seen


  • Used to express the notion that something is not yet known.

    ‘she has broken her leg, but it remains to be seen how badly’
    • ‘Whether it can face the fact of defeat or loss of office remains to be seen.’
    • ‘Waterloo will begin playoff action on the road, but it remains to be seen where they will travel to.’
    • ‘Whether this election was about European issues though, remains to be seen.’
    • ‘Whether or not Québec would be better off as a sovereign nation remains to be seen.’
    • ‘So that's certainly going to unfold in the next couple of days and remains to be seen.’
    • ‘How the Church will recover from the latest round of scandals remains to be seen.’
    • ‘Whether it will meet any support at the school board table remains to be seen.’
    • ‘It remains to be seen whether the film matches the book as a captivating bit of entertainment.’
    • ‘It remains to be seen whether they will succeed in fielding a single candidate as promised.’
    • ‘Whether or not he takes further steps to address his problem remains to be seen.’