Definition of relock in English:



[with object]
  • Lock (a door, container, vehicle, etc.) again.

    ‘she handed the key to Darren to relock the door’
    • ‘And one of the things that these soldiers don't carry with them when they open up a bunker are locks to relock those bunkers, because these are infantry soldiers who are fighting their way north.’
    • ‘The area was nice enough but there was some concern for my safety because I work late and I would have to get out of my car to unlock the gate and relock the gate upon my exit from the property after dark.’
    • ‘The man laughed heartily and walked over to the door, relocking it.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the gates were relocked by a keen person who knew nothing about the burial.’
    • ‘After relocking the door she climbed the stairs quietly.’
    • ‘I followed, not bothering to relock the car in my haste.’
    • ‘Isabelle relocked the doors and turned to her nemesis.’
    • ‘He kicked the door shut and I walked away from him, sitting on his bed as he relocked the room.’
    • ‘Before even inspecting the chamber though she relocked the door.’
    • ‘I replaced the ring, relocked the door, and hurried off to the back gate to check the key.’
    • ‘She walked back out into the main room after relocking the desk, armed to the teeth.’
    • ‘Amy all but slammed the door shut again before relocking it.’
    • ‘He unlocked it and dug through it for a minute, before pulling out a wallet and relocking the drawer.’
    • ‘‘Sounds like a good prayer for all of us,’ he sighs, relocking the flap.’
    • ‘It took her a moment to relock, bolt, and chain the door before she led them down the dark hallway.’
    • ‘Alice closed and relocked her window then crawled back into bed.’
    • ‘I took the elevator up to it, unlocked the door, and then relocked it behind me.’
    • ‘Becca blinked a few more times before creeping out of the shower and relocking the door.’
    • ‘Daniel entered and the guard relocked the door.’
    • ‘He walked towards the door, Kyle following him to relock it.’