Definition of relist in English:



[with object]
  • Place (something, especially shares) on a list again.

    ‘the last-minute push to relist the shares came despite plunging share prices yesterday’
    • ‘There is now an application to take the matter out of the list for that day and to have it relisted for a date sometime in 2003.’
    • ‘Air New Zealand shares were suspended while Singapore sold its 6.3% stake but they were relisted after the sale went through on Wednesday.’
    • ‘He had again considered relisting these properties and apparently had scheduled an appointment to meet with a realtor to deal with that.’
    • ‘In 1972 the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Legislation, a nonprofit advocacy group, unsuccessfully lobbied the U.S. government to relist marijuana as a Schedule II substance.’
    • ‘However, before the appeal against sentence could be relisted, the appellant absconded from prison and remained at large.’
    • ‘If it is gone entirely, please let me know and I will relist it.’
    • ‘It may be thought desirable to hold a directions hearing at an early date, so that no further avoidable delay occurs before any new evidence is filed and the appeal is relisted for hearing.’
    • ‘Sinn Fein was confident last night of continuing its fund-raising in the US despite the upsurge in anti-terrorist feeling and Unionist efforts to have its IRA armed wing relisted as a terrorist organisation.’
    • ‘The matter was then relisted for hearing on the 14th June 2000.’
    • ‘The matter was to be relisted for determination of the question who should pay those costs.’
    • ‘They wrote me a very ominous e-mail saying if I relisted the item horrible things would happen to me.’
    • ‘Since British Energy, the nuclear-power generator, was restructured and its shares were relisted at the start of the year, it has attracted a shrewd following.’
    • ‘Of course, the company could reorganize, turn itself around, get relisted, and prove that Uncle Lou was right after all.’
    • ‘The summons will be relisted after that and at least at that stage we will know whether you have got into this Court or not.’
    • ‘The Stock Exchange is awaiting a further update on the firm's financial position before it will agree to relisting the troubled exploration company's shares.’
    • ‘But PPR could probably get loans to buy out the remaining shareholders and then raise new cash by relisting Gucci.’
    • ‘Railtrack shareholders will be offered an expected 230p per share this week when the company is relisted on the London stock exchange.’
    • ‘After five years the species could be relisted if necessary.’
    • ‘The firm earned $800 million more by selling shares in Celanese after relisting it on the New York Stock Exchange in January.’
    • ‘While I do not agree with your reasoning, I do respect that as a private company you have the right to set your own policies and I have no intention of violating your rules by relisting the item.’